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1. Before an official testing to spring to spring compression to the experimental load at a time, when testing load pressure and load heavy, just

by:Wingoil     2020-04-12
2. Preparing for load testing: use a corresponding range of third-class specification dynamometer or draw a more precision weights to proofread and correct load tester, ensure the machine precision not less than 1%; At the same time, the dosage block proofread and correct the length of the load tester reading error. 3. Spring pressure to a specified height load test: will be the same as the specified height gauge block placed at the center of the pressure plate load testing machine, loaded on block gauge and pattern close to the nominal value of load, and the orientation of locking screws or slightly, will block gauge in the spring under test, mediation of zero, remove the spring self-respect, the spring pressure to specify the height, and read the corresponding load, according to the calibration error of load testing machine, to make corresponding changes to your degree. 4. Pin on the pressure plate spring just lifted to the position, load tester predicted value F0 material 0. 05F; Recorded in the load test on the number of initial reading F0 and length, and then continue to load, make the length of the signal reading to delimit the variance of the deformation.
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