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by:Wingoil     2020-04-28
Wastewater manhole cover pressure testing machine characteristics of glass fiber reinforced plastic covers a pressure test machine parameters, product performance wastewater manhole cover pressure testing machine is mainly used for cast iron manhole covers, regenerated resin composite material manhole cover, steel fiber reinforced concrete covers various covers crack load test, breaking load test and residual deformation of the test. According to the CJ/T3012 - 1993 cast iron manhole cover, CJ/T121 - 2000 the regeneration of resin composite material manhole cover and JC889 - 2001 'steel fiber concrete manhole cover', GB/T 23857 - 2009 manhole cover and other industry or national standards for design and production, is used to cap bearing capacity and deformation of the test. Note: HT material sample only do destructive test, QT samples or other composite material circulation, deformation, destruction test. Second, the wastewater manhole cover pressure testing machine applicable standard CJ/T3012 - The cast iron manhole cover CJ/T121-1993 The regeneration of resin composite material manhole cover 2000 JC889 - The steel fiber concrete manhole cover 2001 GB/T 23857 - 'The manhole cover' GB/T3722-2009 1992 GB/T2611 for hydraulic pressure testing machine 2007 'tester general technical requirements', the three main function characteristics: 1, the host USES the high rigidity of structure, ensure the safety in the process of test. 2, the load on the cylinder, bench height 500 mm, easy to take put covers specimen. 3, rigid block with the piston out between connected by knuckle ball, ensure the authenticity of the bearing capacity can be measured. 4, oil cylinder seal between the piston and the use of special material, high sealing, low friction and long life. 5, the professional testing machine oil pump electrical units, low noise long life. 6, choose ultra fine oil filter, oil system to ensure the clean so as to ensure the long-term work of control actuators. 7, computer automatic control, real-time display strength, peak current, test process information, etc. 8, the test process real-time record test curve, high-speed sampling; 9, wastewater manhole cover pressure test machine data processing functions, statements, to provide users with the special report for graphical layout editing tool, has the characteristics of flexible operation, easy to learn, can print test curve and test values; 10, control mode with constant stress, constant speed test, test forces maintain control function and the test force, such as screen display function of the test curve, powerful - test curve Time curve, etc. , control pattern smooth conversion. 11 set strength automatic reset system, software, different meter and eliminating human error and other factors. 12, equipped with overload protection, when the force or displacement beyond tester rated theoretical values, automatic unloading or stop the test. 13, breaking load and deformation value of automatic data collection and print the report. 14, side at the bottom of the measurement, data accurate and stable. 15, can need according to the experiment, users' programming, automatic closed-loop control, cyclic loading, the loading speed, loading waveform, anyhow can achieve gb each index step sequencing, the full automation of the whole process without human intervention. 吗? 吗? Water covers main technical parameters: pressure testing machine 1,? Machine type:? JYW - 1000 b吗? Power: the biggest test? Space: 1000 kn 3, effective testing? 4, bench height: 1500 mm x 1500 mm? 500 mm, force value accuracy:? ≤±1%( Is better than that of grade 1) 6,? Loading speed adjusting range:? 0. 1 ~ 25 kn / s 7日? Deformation measurement range:? 0 - 20mm 8、? Deformation measurement precision:? 0. 01毫米吗? 9,? Piston stroke:? Accuracy: 350 mm and 10 load instructions? 0. The way: 1 kn 11, load? Electro-hydraulic 12, control ways:? Control of microcomputer. 13, load, medium:? 46 # 68, # 14, anti-wear hydraulic oil motor power:? 0. 75 kw 15, need voltage:? 16, host, size: 380 v / 220 v? About 2000 mm * 1500 mm * 1500 mm ( Length x width x height) 17, host, weight:? About 3000 kg?
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