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A Provocative Scandal in the Lucrative Olive Oil Industry

by:Wingoil     2020-07-15
Jewelers who give proper care about your particular needs, instead of their own personal income, are difficult to come by. Particularly in this economy. These folks inquire about relevant questions, remember the small details, and are candid and forthright to inform you about what you do need to hear, whether or not it dangers killing the sale. I've been in touch with a bulk olive oil wholesale company since 2005, and they are a 'pearl that I'm glad I've found' in the Olive industry. I've enjoyed candid conversations with their director of Consumer Services, who tells me about the many painstaking actions these folks go through in a concerted effort to uphold high quality assurance standards. In reality, their staff even embark on visits to Greece, Italy and Spain to visit with Olive growers. What's amazing, is that not one of these actions is to make themselves to look like heroes to wholesale buyers. It isn't even publicized or placed on their company's website. Recently, the New Yorker Magazine published a 'whistle-blowing' write-up about the Bulk Olive Oil industry. This article provided instances of Olive Oil importers who claimed that the olives came from Italy, when truly they had been illegally imported into Italy from Turkey or Morocco, and then exported from there. Not only that, but the Extra Virgin Olive Oil was, contrary to olive oil standards, blended with hazelnut oil, or some other similar substitute, and after that labeled as being 'Genuinely Pure' Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Italy. Naturally this sent alarm bells all through the industry, effecting wholesale oil suppliers and buyers alike. If you ask me, it has aided the ideal of breed, so to say, to rise to the top of the hierarchy of sought after companies to buy from. Importers, like the one I've been dealing with since as far back as 2005, who are upright even though no person is looking, are now being praised for their high quality initiatives to sustain high standards. Does this remind you of the America of 40 years ago when a handshake was all that was expected to enter into a several million dollar deal? Nowadays you practically need a handshake, as well as a handful of legal agreements and sometimes over priced legal professionals to ensure that you've covered your bases. One of the primary reasons that the Importer I was talking about delivers on everything they commit to, is to maintain a clean conscience. It reminds me of an old school sales manual from about 60 years ago, where the author describes that you must make sure you will always be totally truthful and forthright in all communication, because if you exaggerate something in order to make a sale, you'll 'know what you did, even if the customer doesn't.' Those words have stuck with me since reading that. If you happen to be a wholesale buyer of any particular commodity, I recommend that you don't rest until your supplier shows you legit documentation from national or international verifying organizations and chemistry labs. After all, do you think you would buy an elegant diamond simply on the basis of its looks, or would you insist on seeing GIA or AIG certification? The same standards should be applied in the Olive Oil industry.
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