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Advantages to a Career in the Gas and Oil Industry

by:Wingoil     2020-05-12
You might think that there's not a job for you in the Gas and Oil industry, but you would be wrong. There's a range of opportunities out there, which could be right for you. The Gas and Oil Industry is a worldwide employer, so wherever you are, you're bound to find the job that's right for you. Drillers, Electricians, Mechanics, Medics, Mud Engineers, Offshore Installation Managers, Radio Operators, Welders... The possibilities are endless, and it all begins with skills such as Maths and Science. There are a range of jobs available in the Gas and Oil Industry, which are heavily involved with every stage of extracting oil and gas from reservoirs. Drillers, are an important part of the Industry, as they are in charge of the drills, and actually drilling the holes needed to find the Gas and Oil, so they play a vital role in the Industry. Electricians are not often thought as required in this Industry, but they are often needed in order for work to progress. They are in charge of maintaining and repairing any electrical equipment, from light bulbs to high-tech electrical machinery. Medics are an essential role within a career in the Gas and Oil Industry, they're in charge of running the sick bay, keeping track of medical supplies, and keeping medical records. This sort of position is perfect for people in the Medical career track who'd like a change of scenery, or something a little less demanding the Doctors Practices or Hospital Work. Radio Operators have one of the most laid back jobs in the Industry, as they are in charge of communications with the outside world. And welders, there are a lot of welders out there working in many different fields, and in the Gas and Oil Industry, it's another job that's very important. Welders in the Industry carry out day-to-day welding repairs and general building of new metalwork. The Gas and Oil Industry is a fantastic career to get into, especially if you've just finished school and are interested in doing something interesting as a career, then it's an opportunity for you to get into an interesting journey towards your future career. You'll get to study some interesting subjects such as aeronautical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering and mechanical engineering. The Oil Industry is a competitive Industry, and Large Internationals companies offer graduate training programmes, which offer both a good salary and invaluable experience for a future career in both oil and gas extraction. Engineering in the Oil and Gas industry generally pays very well, and positions in Oil and Gas, especially engineering, are no exception. Starting salaries may be as high as £35,000! But if you train as an Engineer working for large multinational companies are likely to earn significantly more than those working for smaller companies. After several years of experience in the role, individuals can expect to their salaries to increase to between £50,000 and £70,000! And Managers in the Gas and Oil Industry with responsibilities may even earn in excess of £90,000 per year! Bonuses are also a common feature in the Industry, and generous living allowances are often provided for those of you who choose to work overseas. The advantages of the Oil and Gas Industry is that the world with be using Oil and Gas for many years to come, and if you're interested, then you can take advantage yourself of the wide range of jobs available in the Oil and Gas Industry for many years to come.
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