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Automatic pressure testing machine technical parameters:

by:Wingoil     2020-04-22
1. Such as test 2. Can show strength and deformation of 3 at the same time. Built-in public and imperial units, can be arbitrary switching. 4. Adopt Taiwan motor + drive 5 bond. Fast disassembly type joint, various fixture can be used in 6. 7 can be connected directly to the printer, the output statements. Mode of transmission: precision ball screw, dust-proof sets, protection of the screw, increase the service life and accuracy. 9. Hardware security protection: upper and lower limit, the emergency stop button. Automatic pressure testing machine technical parameters: the capacity to choose: 5 KGF ~ 100 KGF 50 n ~ 1 kn optional unit switch: gf. kgf。 N。 磅力。 Kn: resolution 1/250000 precision: 0 or less. 01% zui big trip: 600 mm ( Excluding jig) Test speed: 10 ~ 300 mm/min adjustable motor: Taiwan bond + drive motor drive system: Taiwan precision ball screw and software control systems: the UTM testing software force sensor: the force transmission machine shell and resist linking piece: 45 # national standard of the lacquer that bake steel processing and aluminum operation: full computer operating adhesive tape peel strength tester machine size: 500 * 500 * 1200 mm weight: 60 kg power: 1 phi, 220 v / 50 hz
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