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Bohai Drilling Gold Words license plate

Bohai Drilling Gold Words license plate


Source: China Petroleum News

On July 21, Bohai drilled the Qinghai market and sent a good news. Kun 2 deepened the test well and handed it over 17 days ahead of schedule, and obtained high-yield industrial airflow. More and more gold-licensed licenses with independent intellectual property rights have brightened the “oil layer”, leading the way for fast drilling and refueling.

In the first half of this year, Bohai Drilling various high-end technologies have been unveiled. Vertical drilling tools have a footage of 14,000 meters and have entered the well for more than 6,800 hours. The performance has reached the level of international similar products. The maximum deflection of the rotary guiding tool is 71.98 degrees, and the success rate of the downward transmission command is 100%. Near-bit drilling while drilling measuring instruments work continuously for 287 hours, and the performance has reached the level of international similar instruments. Successfully developed turbine torque impactor, drilling tool cleaning and inspection automation system, environmentally friendly water-based drilling fluid, stable oil control water fracturing fluid...

"Now the market must first rely on technology to lead. Our technology and products must compete with the world's largest companies, and we must solve the problems in production through new technologies, new processes and new equipment, achieve intensive growth, and effectively improve service support capabilities." Liu Guangmu, secretary of the party committee, executive director and general manager of Bohai Drilling Company, said.

Bohai Drilling has issued a number of policies to support science and technology innovation, encourage researchers to produce more results, produce good results, and introduce incentives for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, allowing project developers and marketers to scale from the next year in which the project is put into the market for five consecutive years. Make a reward. Further optimize the scientific research function positioning of the Clear Engineering Technology Research Institute, and divest the low-efficiency income-generating tasks, so that the Academy of Engineering concentrates on scientific research and truly plays a leading role in scientific research. Increase the introduction of doctors, increase the doctoral and post-doctoral treatment, and encourage doctors to innovate and create. Implement the project speeding incentive method, improve the application level and capability of drilling technology, and effectively improve the drilling speed. (Reporter Luo Yonghua)

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