CH-150CH-J0 Chemical Injection Pump 

Model: CH-150CH-J0

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Product Overview

CH-150CH-J0 chemical injection skid is mainly used for the injection of chemical reagents such as methanol and ethylene glycol, and can also be used for pressure testing of clean water. The maximum output pressure of the equipment design can reach 150mpa,

Product Parameters

CH-150CH-J0 Chemical Injection Pump
  • Air-driven liquid pump model: WY2AT200, pressure ratio: 1:200, maximum flow rate: 3.62L/min;
  • Pressurized medium: methanol, ethylene glycol, water, etc. (if you need to inject other media, please confirm with our company);
  • Driving air supply requirements: pressure 7-8.3 bar, flow rate: 1.6m³/min.
  • Maximum pressure at pump outlet: 150MPa. (The maximum pressure is 146.2MPa when the rupture disc is installed)
  • Bursting disc pressure range: 133.8MPa-146.2MPa
  • Maximum working temperature: 55°C.
  • High-pressure pipeline: rated pressure 30000psi.
  • Driving air pipeline: pressure 10bar, model DN8×20m
  • Chemical storage tank: 30L