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Chemical And Scale Squeeze Injection Systems

by:Wingoil     2020-10-13

This is completed using an equipment on a information base surrounding the subsea wellhead. The guide base includes a coupling for a pipe extending from the drilling rig, a one-way isolation valve and pipework resulting in the outermost housing of the well. The outermost housing has ports to hold the slurry into the outermost annulus and internal housings also have ports to hold the slurry into the inside annuli. Interior housings also have a one-means examine valve to manage the injection. The equipment used to inject components includes a chemical provide unit, a chemical injection unit, and a capillary or tubing (also referred to as a “conductor line”) that runs from the offshore platform through or along the riser and into the subsea nicely bore.

The umbilical terminates at an “umbilical termination assembly” at the ocean floor. A management line may carry hydraulic fluid used for controlling items of subsea equipment at subsea distribution items, manifolds and trees. Such control traces enable the actuation of safety valves and other subsea elements from the surface. In addition, the umbilical may transmit chemical inhibitors to the ocean floor after which to tools of the subsea processing system.

Preferably, the additive injection system supply exact quantities of additives. The clustering of wells also allows for a number of control strains and chemical remedy lines to increase from the ocean floor downwardly to the clustered wells.

A jumper 30 is also linked the manifold 14 and shall be connected to the subsea structure 12. Jumper 30 is meant to move fluids, together with control indicators, from the manifold 14 and from the surface location to the subsea structure 12. 4 is a schematic displaying the subsea chemical injection system of the present invention and, in particular, exhibiting the move paths for the fluids and the electrical energy used within the system.

The present invention relates to techniques for injecting chemical substances, similar to acid, into a subsea construction, similar to a subsea tree. More particularly, the current invention relates to systems for injecting chemical compounds into a subsea construction during which the chemicals may be delivered by coiled tubing from a floor location. Additionally, the present invention relates to control techniques used for the controlling of the operation of the subsea construction. There are many advantages to Chemical Injection Systems; they scale back downtime, they're safer and more practical and efficient in comparison with non-skid mounted items. Some diaphragm pumps provide patented, heavy-obligation gear reducer system for superior performance.

Another hose 24 is connected to the manifold 14 and extends outwardly therefrom. The second hose 24 is connected to a second disconnect mechanism 26. A second coiled tubing 28 is also related to the second disconnect mechanism 26 and extends upwardly to a floor location.

The disconnect mechanism is customized to be selectively launched from the hose. It continues to be one other object of the current invention to supply a subsea chemical injection system that facilitates the injection of chemical compounds into the subsea tree from a surface vessel. It is another object of the current invention to offer a subsea chemical injection system which offers a conduit for the aim of transmitting subsea chemical substances and electrical alerts. In the previous, numerous patents have issued regarding injecting of fluids into subsea buildings. P. Hopper, describes a subsea nicely injection system during which a slurry of oil-impregnated cuttings from using the drilling mud are injected into the annulus of a subsea nicely after which into the porous formation through which the nicely has handed.
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