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by:Wingoil     2020-10-07

We are the choice provider of Downhole Tool Insurance for operators, contractors and agents. We provide immediate and educated service, competitive pricing with the highest level of integrity. Drilling Contractor is the one viable magazine exclusively covering the global drilling and completion business, both land and offshore. has secured a 5-yr collaborative provide settlement for drilling motors for US Land from a serious oilfield providers provider.

Figure four and desk 3 show the results of SEM and power spectrum analysis for three representative points of the nitride materials. The weight percentages and atom quantities of carbon and oxygen at the three spectral factors differ to a small extent. At the identical time, the weight percentage and atom amount of iron only range within a small vary. It can be concluded that carbon dioxide causes uniform corrosion on the material, and that the corrosion fee is low.

One or extra slips 240 are mounted around the physique member 210, above and beneath the packer assembly 230. A cylindrical torch 257 is shown inserted into the axial flowbore 205 on the lower end of the physique member 210 within the frac plug 200.

More notably, the current invention pertains to downhole instruments comprising materials which are burned and/or consumed when exposed to heat and an oxygen source and strategies and systems for consuming such downhole tools in situ. No. 12/650,930 filed Dec. 31, 2009 and published as US 2010/ A1, which is a continuation utility of U.S. patent software Ser. No. 12/120,169 filed May thirteen, 2008 and printed as US 2008/ A1, each of which entitled “Consumable Downhole Tools,” which is a continuation-in-a part of U.S. patent software Ser. No. eleven/423,081 filed Jun. 8, 2006 and printed as US 2007/ A1 and a continuation-in-a part of U.S. patent software Ser. No. eleven/423,076 filed Jun. 8, 2006 and revealed as US 2007/ A1, each of which is incorporated herein in its entirety.

The torch 257 comprises a gas load 251, a firing mechanism 253, and a torch body 252 with a plurality of nozzles 255 distributed along the size of the torch physique 252. The nozzles 255 are angled to direct flow exiting the nozzles 255 in direction of the inside floor 211 of the tubular body member 210. The firing mechanism 253 is attached close to the base of the torch physique 252. An annulus 254 is offered between the torch physique 252 and the inside surface 211 of the tubular body member 210, and the annulus 254 is enclosed by the ball 225 above and by the gas load 251 under. The current invention pertains to consumable downhole tools and methods of eradicating such tools from nicely bores.

A excessive-strain container was used for the corrosion experiment with different materials at numerous temperatures and CO2 partial pressures. In this examine, the dynamic weight reduction method was employed to judge CO2 corrosion. The oil-area CO2 corrosion evaluation commonplace was utilized to the indoor experiment in order to measure the corrosion diploma of N80 steel and a variety of anti-corrosion materials ready using nano-, Ni-P plating and nitriding therapies.

Based on the experimental outcomes, the materials with good corrosion resistance had been screened by way of performance characterization at varied temperatures, pressures and flow charges by simulating the precise corrosion environment. The predictions and verification of the corrosion fee mannequin had been carried out by modifying the semi-empirical method from the de Waard model [29–31] based on the experimental and subject test conditions. Ditch Witch EZ Connect assemblies offer a quick technique of fixing out tooling with out using machine torque, while our revolutionary Hawkeye® quick join system is made for today’s more powerful drilling rigs. Home About Us Services Get A Quote Form Library News Contact Us Transpac Managers, Inc has been the innovator and leader of insuring downhole tools since 1991.
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