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Co2 Pressure Assembly, Concoa

by:Wingoil     2020-10-06

Installing 2 x CIL, the same productivity of the FIT can be granted. If the CIL is built-in in the FIT, the productivity of the FIT falls down because of the drying time. Customers having the CIL built-in in the test bench normally choose to have FIT50-DUO. This solution allows having 6 cylinders on test and 6 cylinders on drying, alternatively on the two check benches, thus saving time. Ultrasonic thickness measurement exams can be used to measure wall thickness and identify whether the strain vessel can still perform at its required protected working pressure.

The fixing of the tail stock is provided via 8 hydraulically actuated load pins. The head inventory is the stationary head of the HPTM and holds the seal plate. Water filling, pressurizing and venting happens via the nozzles provided on the top inventory. Its distinguishing characteristic, when compared to competing systems, is its totally-automated clever operation.

Your knowledge shall be stored according our Privacy Policy which yow will discover here. If hydrotested then identical load case (WW+HP)—HYD have to be ready what you make for different methods.

All pipe positioning, tail stock movements, pipe filling and pressurizing sequence functions are managed and enabled by means of laptop. The operator could lengthen the pressurized check interval so long as needed. Pipe positioning inside the machine is provided via 2 lifting arms positioned on hydraulically driven cylinders.

This website is my first enterprise into the world of running a blog with the purpose of connecting with different piping engineers around the world. If the fluid dealt with is two-part move then hydro testing is recommended.

Also it's seen that the hydrotest stress on such traces is calculated based on corresponding working strain for Stainless steel material at that temperature. Currently, I work in a reputed MNC as a Senior Piping Stress Engineer. I am very a lot keen about running a blog and always tried to do unique things.

what will be the load cases we will be utilizing for stress check in case of FLARE SYSTEM . This is excellent article about Hydro Test and Pneumatic check in Piping. Thanks for providing useful info on hydrotest and pneumatic check. One of the questions I had on my present project is that we are shopping for Stainless Steel inline instruments on Carbon steel lines.

Cylinders may be managed independently from one another to supply complete drainage and moved laterally to deal with different length of pipes. The lifting arms are used to obtain into the HPTM and to discharge the pipes to adjacent transferring units. The tail inventory is the moving head of the HPTM, driven by 4 hydraulic cylinders. The tail inventory includes the counter seal holder and moves on the lower rigidity beams by the use of hardened rollers.

The automation ensures take a look at integrity, repeatability and traceability, and prevents over pressurizing the check specimen. The pump is definitely transportable as it's installed on a trolley outfitted with a special three-wheeled structure. With the suitable accessories, this unit can also test wheeled powder extinguishers and hearth hoses.
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