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Contact bounce into contact bounce, bounce and switching points brake with the heaviest if contact closing bounce. Molded case circuit breaker contact bounce time and

by:Wingoil     2020-04-13
1. This automatic test equipment test bed by stent, the automatic control system, automatic clamping system and data acquisition system of four parts. Oscilloscope, resistance boxes, such as dc power data acquisition system composed of installed on the test bed stand, the rated working voltage of AC230V. Rated output voltage of DC15 blade, for DC10mA rated output current. 2. Testing principle of this new type of contact bounce and synchronicity test method based on the molded case circuit breaker on and off the function of the circuit. 3. Test steps will test equipment installation to production line position, connected to the power supply, open later, specific test steps are as follows: ( 1) Manual or automatic conveyor belt put test with a molded case circuit breaker in the test bed automatic clamping system. ( 2) Test bed automatic scanning for testing of the specifications of the molded case circuit breaker, select automatic test program. ( 3) Testing of molded case circuit breaker contact ff from 0 to 0 n the bounce and synchronicity. ( 4) Test the molded case circuit breaker contact from 0 n to 0 ff bounce and synchronicity. ( 5) Save the test data, shows the results of the analysis, according to the qualified products and unqualified products will be test of molded case circuit breaker were sent to the corresponding position, the end of the test. 4. Test results analysis according to the test results can be concluded that molded case circuit breaker contact bounce time to score in the process of brake in the process of closing bounce time longer. Because in the process of closing, molded case circuit breaker dynamic contact and the static contact collision after contact will form a kind of forced damped oscillation, oscillation frequency, amplitude depends on the quality of dynamic contact system, speed, spring stubborn coefficient and damping after collision, therefore, in the process of closing bounce time longer. 5. Has three advantages: ( 1) Test data is reliable, accurate, high credibility: contact the testing process and contact the actual movement process perfectly. ( 2) Test method is more scientific, more accurate, using advanced data acquisition technology, completely avoid the artificial intervention, the data error reduced to minimum. ( 3) A high degree of automation, suitable for modern automatic production line, the sample (s) to realize the automatic installation, automatic control, automatic save test results and high efficiency. Note: this instrument has not obtained the medical device registration certificate of the People's Republic of China, cannot be used for clinical diagnosis or treatment and other related purposes
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