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Dependency of Life on Oil and Gas Products

by:Wingoil     2020-07-02
The basic amenities of living are clothing, food and shelter. However, with the advancement in industries and machineries, petroleum and its products are extremely necessary for human existence as well. If we do not get an adequate supply of petroleum products, we might as well go back to the Stone Ages. Apart from diesel, petrol and gas, petroleum provides raw materials for various pharmaceutical products, chemicals and fertilizers. Petroleum has been used for over 5000 years in an unrefined form. Over 60% of human energy requirements are met by oil and gas. The remaining 40 percent energy requirements are fulfilled by other sources such as sun, wind, coal and water. In addition to this, the oil and gas industry has been a key influence on the global economy. Oil in its natural form can be found in the earth's crust. It has to be extracted to manufacture various products. In order to carry out the extraction process, holes of different sizes from five to fifty inches are dug with the help of a drilling rig to take out crude oil with pressure techniques. This extracted oil is then transferred to refineries for advanced processing. The oil wells are disposed of once productivity goes down. Hydraulic fracking techniques are employed to increase the extraction rate. However, this technique has been banned in a few countries and is under intense scrutiny in the US because of its potentially bad impact on the environment if it is not handled with safety and care. It is important to know the origin of petroleum as it has become vital for the survival of mankind. Petroleum is formed from the remains of dead organisms and animals. It takes a long time for these organisms to get converted into petroleum. After this crude oil is formed, it gets converted to different forms. Petrol is required for automobiles which keeps our life on the 'move'. We cannot imagine living even one day without petrol, gas or diesel. However, due to advancements in technology and oil industry, its usage has become more that its availability. Governments of most countries have been trying to lay down various policies with other countries to supply enough petrol. It has been observed that due to the increased demand, many countries are facing challenges to meet these requirements. These countries have employed techniques to save energy or increase alternative sources so that the next generation to come does not face scarcity. 'Go Green' is the slogan of many states in the US to substitute the usage of petroleum products. We all must take preventive measures to deal with the shortage of our energy sources.
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