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Digger Downhole Tools Pvt Ltd.

by:Wingoil     2020-10-03

Limited entry a number of fracture and frac-pack placement in liner completions utilizing liner fracturing toolOctober, 2007Surjaatmadja et al. Disposable downhole device with segmented compression factor and methodMay, 2007Starr et al. Filter cake degradation compositions and strategies of use in subterranean operationsMarch, 2007Todd Methods for enhancing proppant pack permeability and fracture conductivity in a subterranean wellFebruary, 2007Blauch et al. Generating Acid Downhole in Acid FracturingJanuary, 2007Still et al.

Wellbore tool with disintegratable componentsSeptember, 2010McKeachnie et al. Methods of degrading filter muffins in a subterranean formationMarch, 2009Schriener et al.

Onboard navigation system for downhole toolDecember, 2005Burris, II et al. Slip factor to be used with a downhole tool and a way of manufacturing sameDecember, 2005Sutton et al. Optical switching with ferroelectric liquid crystal SLMsDecember, 2005Warr et al. Borehole conduit slicing equipment and processDecember, 2005Robertson Self-activating downhole toolNovember, 2005Burris, II et al.

Aqueous-primarily based tackifier fluids and methods of useNovember, 2006Blauch et al. Pipe conveyed explosive with self contained actuationOctober, 2006Grattan et al. Apparatus and method for severing pipe utilizing a multi-level initiation explosive deviceSeptember, 2006Grattan et al. One-time use composite device shaped of fibers and a biodegradable resinAugust, 2006Todd et al.

Methods and fluid compositions designed to trigger tip screenoutsJanuary, 2005Boney et al. Applications of degradable polymers in wellsNovember, 2004Cooke, Jr.

Downhole sealing instruments and technique of useNovember, 2005Ringgenberg et al. Explosive pipe severing toolNovember, 2005Bell Optical swap together with two built-in multiphase SLM's and a wave-plate the wave-plate providing an optical retardance of (2n+1)λ/4October, 2005Crossland et al. Method and materials for hydraulic fracturing of wellsSeptember, 2005Cooke, Jr. Thermal generator for downhole tools and methods of igniting and assemblyAugust, 2005Robertson Floating-gate analog circuitMay, 2005Dugger et al.

Use of aluminum in perforating and stimulating a subterranean formation and other engineering applicationsJuly, 2008Liu Downhole tool with navigation systemApril, 2008Burris, II et al. Sealing plug and methodology for removing same from a wellFebruary, 2008Swor et al. Methods of servicing a well bore utilizing self-activating downhole toolJanuary, 2008Burris, II et al. METHOD FOR REMOVING A CONSUMABLE DOWNHOLE TOOLDecember, 2007Swor et al.

Compositions and methods for degrading filter cakeJuly, 2006Todd et al. Reduced-density proppants and strategies of utilizing decreased-density proppants to boost their transport in properly bores and fracturesJune, 2006Justus et al. Virtual tags and the method of virtual tagging using person suggestions in transformation rulesMay, 2006Imielinski et al. Downhole chemical supply system for oil and gasoline wellsMay, 2006Sinclair et al.

Adjustable hinge-frame arrangementMay, 2005Nussbaum Filter cake removing fluid and methodMay, 2005Hossaini et al. Method and apparatus for briefly maintaining a downhole foam component in a compressed stateMarch, 2005Grigsby et al. Intelligent communications, command, and management system for a land-based vehicleMarch, 2005Peltz et al. System and technique for making a fluid seal between production tubing and nicely casingFebruary, 2005Echols et al.

Methods of diverting treating fluids in subterranean zones and degradable diverting materialsMay, 2006Munoz, Jr. et al.D520355Insert for partition panelMay, 2006Overthun et al. Methods for forming a calibration commonplace and calibration standards for inspection systemsApril, 2006Smith et al. Methods and mixtures for treating distressed treesMarch, 2006Smith et al.
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