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Downhole Test Tools

by:Wingoil     2020-09-30

Further, whereas the sleeve 618 is constructed of magnesium, if the sleeve had been constructed of aluminum, the aperture dimension and layout and the gas load may need to be adjusted. Considering the many elements that affect performance of the torch 612, it is cheap for computer aided finite component evaluation techniques to be applied to maximise the performance of the torch 612. 5, a consumable downhole device 600 is shown based on one other embodiment. The consumable downhole device 600 is a frac plug comprising slips 602 and slip bodies 604 considerably related in form and operation to slips 240 and slip bodies 245, respectively.

Depending on the circumstances, the torch 612 could even be required to operate at 20,000 psi or greater levels of hydrostatic stress. While the torch physique 616 of the consumable downhole software 600 is constructed of cast iron, using a stronger material similar to metal may allow for bigger apertures sizes, less net house, and fewer distance between adjacent apertures.

Global Dynamics provides the SMART-LINK System to ship actual-time downhole information service to the operator to improve, optimize and enhance coiled tubing operations. The torch 612 could also be required to perform correctly with no less than 4000 psi of hydrostatic stress.

No. eleven/423,076, now printed as U.S. 2007/ A1, and entitled “Consumable Downhole Tools,” U.S. patent utility Ser. No. 11/423,081, now published as U.S. 2007/ A1 entitled “Method for Removing a Consumable Downhole Tool,” each filed on Jun. 8, 2006, and U.S. patent software Ser. No. 12/639,567, entitled “Consumable Downhole Tools” and filed on Dec. 16, 2009, each of which is included by reference herein in its entirety. A technique of removing a downhole device from a wellbore comprising contacting the software with a heat source whereby the software comprises no less than one load-bearing element comprising a thermally degradable materials. A method of lowering the structural integrity of a downhole device comprising fabricating the load-bearing components of the device from a thermally degradable materials.

Consumable downhole tool 600 additional comprises a packer factor meeting 606 considerably related in kind and operation to packer component meeting 230. The slips 602, slip bodies 604, and packer element assembly 606 are situated exterior to a physique member 608 of the consumable downhole device 600. In this embodiment, the body member 608 is a tubular member having an internal floor 610. A torch 612 is partially positioned inside an interior of the body member 608 that's bounded by the inner surface 610. The torch 612 typically contains an higher end 628 positioned inside the inside of the body member 608.
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