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Downhole Tools Market Research Report

by:Wingoil     2020-09-27

The heating filament, in flip, produces sufficient heat to ignite the gasoline load 251. Once ignited, the fuel load 251 burns, producing high-strain molten plasma that is emitted from the nozzles 255 and directed on the inside surface 211 of the tubular body member 210. Through contact of the molten plasma with the inside surface 211, the tubular body member 210 is burned and/or consumed.

In an embodiment, the body member 210 comprises magnesium metal that's transformed to magnesium oxide by way of contact with the molten plasma. Any other consumable components, such because the slips 240 and the mechanical slip bodies 245, could also be consumed in a similar way.

As such, consumable parts nearest these nozzles 255 will burn first, after which the burning extends outwardly to other consumable elements. The downhole tool could additional comprise a torch with a gas load that produces the warmth and source of oxygen when burned.

In varied embodiments, the gas load includes a flammable, non-explosive stable, or the gasoline load includes thermite. The torch could additional comprise a torch physique with a plurality of nozzles distributed along its length, and the nozzles might distribute molten plasma produced when the fuel load is burned. In an embodiment, the torch further includes a firing mechanism with heat supply to ignite the gas load, and the firing mechanism could additional comprise a tool to activate the heat supply.

If extra nicely stimulation/fracturing operations shall be performed, corresponding to recovering hydrocarbons from zone C, additional frac plugs 200 may be installed inside the nicely bore one hundred twenty to isolate every zone of the formation F. Each frac plug 200 permits fluid to circulate upwardly therethrough from the lowermost zone A to the uppermost zone C of the formation F, however pressurized fluid cannot circulate downwardly via the frac plug 200. In one embodiment, the torch 257 could comprise the “Radial Cutting Torch”, developed and sold by MCR Oil Tools Corporation.

At least some of the parts comprising the frac plug 200 may be fashioned from consumable supplies, corresponding to metals, for instance, that burn away and/or lose structural integrity when uncovered to warmth and an oxygen source. In operation, these parts may be uncovered to heat and oxygen through flow exiting the nozzles 255 of the torch body 252.

A secondary load portion 626 of the fuel load 614 is contiguous with and extends upward from the primary load portion 624 of the fuel load 614. In this embodiment, the secondary load portion 626 is smaller in cross-sectional area than the primary load portion 624. Generally, the secondary load portion 626 extends upward to fill an interior of the torch body 616. In this embodiment, the torch physique 616 is substantially a cylindrical tube having a closed upper end 628, an open decrease finish 630, and a shoulder 632.

The Radial Cutting Torch features a gas load 251 constructed of thermite and categorised as a flammable, nonexplosive stable. Using a nonexplosive material like thermite provides a number of benefits. Numerous federal laws concerning the protection, handling and transportation of explosives add complexity when conveying explosives to an operational job site. In contrast, thermite is nonexplosive and thus doesn't fall beneath these federal constraints.

Torches 257 constructed of thermite, including the Radial Cutting Torch, may be transported simply, even by industrial plane. When the magnesium metal is transformed to magnesium oxide, a slag is produced such that the component no longer has structural integrity and thus can't carry load. Application of a slight load, similar to a stress fluctuation or stress pulse, for example, could trigger a part manufactured from magnesium oxide slag to crumble.

In order to expose the consumable components of the frac plug 200 to warmth and an oxygen supply, the gasoline load 351 of the torch 257 could also be ignited to burn. Ignition of the gasoline load 251 occurs when the firing mechanism 253 powers the heating filament.
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