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Enhanced Oil Recovery

by:Wingoil     2020-09-25

Hydraulic energy is supplied to the subsea chemical injection system 10 through two methods. The main methodology makes use of the low-stress provide discovered within the manufacturing umbilical system. This low-strain provide can be fed to the manifold 14 from the manufacturing umbilical by a hot stab flying lead connected to a junction plate interface unit.

In specific, a valve 70 is supplied in order to manage the move of hydraulic fluid from the tree 64 or from the accumulator sixty two to the tree 64. This will operate in quite a lot of methods, as might be described hereinafter. It may be seen that the chemical compounds that have flowed through the coiled tubing 22 and 28 and thru the manifold 14 are delivered along line 72 to the tree 64. The electrical signals from the surface location could be delivered by way of the management module 62 along line 74 for the operation of the tree sixty four.

This junction plate interface unit is installed between the manufacturing flying lead and the subsea construction 12. The second method for providing hydraulic power to the subsea chemical injection system 10 is thru using accumulators located throughout the manifold 14. These accumulators provide solely limited performance earlier than the stored strain will must be recharged. SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR LOGGING WITH WIRED DRILLPIPEJanuary, 2009Peter Oilfield Elements Having Controlled Solubility and Methods of UseMay, 2007Vaidya et al.

The manifold 14 features a management module sixty two on an interior thereof. Control module 62 is linked to the electrical lines fifty two and fifty four therein. The management module sixty two is also linked to a variety of different pressure sensors within the inside of the manifold 14. As such, the management module sixty two can receive alerts from a surface location, can monitor the situations within the subsea chemical injection system 10, and can send control indicators to the subsea tree 64. The manifold 14 further contains one other accumulator 66 on an interior thereof in order to offer hydraulic energy for the operation of the junction plate meeting 68 related to the tree 64.

The control unit within the disconnect mechanisms 20 and 26 merely activate the vertical connector to be able to disconnect the disconnect mechanism from the manifold 14. Hydraulic energy to the subsea control system is primarily supplied from the manufacturing umbilical through the junction plate interface unit ninety. Electrical power and alerts are equipped from high facet management gear similar to laptop computer computers and power transformers. The laptops communicate with the management module via the electrical strains which might be affixed to the coiled tubing 22 and 28. The junction plate meeting sixty eight contains a wide range of plates that are joined to the tree receptacle sixty nine.
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