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Equipment introduction

by:Wingoil     2020-04-26
A introduction 1, manhole covers, pressure test equipment. Manhole cover pressure test equipment/cap test equipment using microcomputer electro-hydraulic servo controller, automatic loading, drive hydraulic cylinder, load sensor detection test force of the specimens. Detection performance is stable, reliable, data is accurate. 2. Manhole cover pressure test equipment/test equipment is suitable for bearing capacity is greater than the cover 20 kn specimen test, no more than 1000 kn. 3. Manhole cover pressure test equipment/test equipment in line with national GT/cover T2611 'tester general technical conditions', the national metrological verification regulations JJG139 standard for tension, pressure and universal testing machine. 4. Manhole cover pressure test equipment/cap test equipment is suitable for compression and bending strength test of the cover, can meet the CJ/T3012 - 1993 cast iron manhole cover, CJ/T121 - 2000 the regeneration of resin composite material manhole cover and JC889 - 2001 'steel fiber concrete manhole cover' and other relevant professional standards, manhole cover pressure test equipment technical specification 1 and 2 big test force: 600/1000 kn 2, test force measuring range: 2% 3, test accuracy: 100% is better than that of 1% plus or minus 4, test speed adjusting range: 0. 5 ~ 10 kn/S, the deformation measurement range and precision: 0 ~ 300 mm; 0. 01 mm 6, large piston stroke: 300 mm 7, compression test space: 8, 0 ~ 350 mm on the head size: 250 mm Φ 9, (under the table size Width x length) :1000×1000毫米( Can be customized according to user needs special) 10, protection function: over the big test automatic stop when 2% ~ 5%. 11, power: 380 v; 1. 12, the size of the host (5 kw Length x width x height) 13:1300 * 1300 * 1800 mm, release pressure speed of not less than 100 kn/SEC 14 microcomputer automatic control, pressure process, also can manual control 16, load digital display at the same time, can automatically record peak, can adjust system error product extension round covers square manhole cover pressure testing machine, pressure test equipment, rectangle covers compressive strength testing machine light covers pressure testing machine, ordinary covers compressive loading test, heavy and super-heavy manhole cover pressure testing machine, cast iron, stainless steel ball mill cast iron manhole cover pressure testing machine covers compressive strength test, bronze covers high strength steel fiber cement concrete manhole cover pressure testing machine, pressure testing equipment reinforced glass fiber reinforced plastic LIDS, pressure testing machine, resin moulded composite manhole covers compressive strength test, the regeneration of resin manhole cover ( Regeneration of resin matrix composite materials) Guarantee load pressure testing equipment, silicon plastic, polymer matrix composites manhole cover water covers compressive test device, telecommunication covers compression testing machine, pressure testing machine power covers compressive strength test, gas, heating covers compressive test device
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