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Fly ash brick pressure testing machine product introduction:

by:Wingoil     2020-03-22
吗? Fly ash brick pressure testing machine is mainly used in rock, concrete, cement products, hollow brick, fly ash brick, refractory materials, construction materials, stone, rubber bearing construction materials such as compressive strength test. 吗? Fly ash brick pressure testing machine product advantages: 1, the machine adopts high precision sensor and computer control, automatic storage, access and print test reports. 2, the machine USES rotating screw adjusting compression space, greatly speed up the test progress. 3, complete test parameters setting, in the process of test process control, data acquisition, processing, analysis, storage and display. 4, adopt the cylinder under monofilament bar host, test space can be adjusted easily. 5, the transmission system: beam lift using the handwheel, manual rotary screw, realize the adjustment of the test space; Also can realize electric adjustment space. 6, full digital control system based on PC, realizing the closed-loop control of test power and test process, with constant speed test, test forces maintain control function and the test force, such as peak, test curve screen display? Fly ash brick pressure testing machine product parameters: 1, zui big test force: 2000 ( 3000). KN: 2, force value precision & plusmn or less; 3, compressed space (1% Upper and lower pressure plate spacing) : 400 mm, the pressure plate size: 280 * 280 mm, the piston stroke: 60 mm 6, pillar net spacing: 320 mm
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