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Glass bottle inside pressure testing machine in accordance with GB/T4546 - The 1998 national standards and ISO/CD7458 resistance of glass containers

by:Wingoil     2020-03-24
Glass bottle inside pressure testing machine main parameters: instrument types: NLY - 02 professional name: glass resistance to internal pressure testing machine other name: glass tank pressure tester measuring range: 0 ~ 6 MPa measurement error: & plusmn; 1% resolution: 0. 01 mpa linear speed turbocharged: 0. 4 - 0. 58± 0. 1Mpa/s( 5. 8± 1bar/s) Shape size: 580 mm x 430 x 1500 mm ( Three high) Weight: 48 kg product advantages: 1, large LCD test process, PVC operation panel, convenient and practical 2, double test mode can fully meet the requirements of standard 3, constant pressure pressure experiment, supercharging pressure test, burst test 4, test error in the accurate, effective guarantee the accuracy of the test results of 5, a key operation, the whole test process according to 6, testing machine equipped with micro printer, fast printing results 7, without complex hydraulic system, reduce the leakage rate, convenient maintenance this testing instrument is after the accumulated many years of experience in production and practical use, according to the actual needs of customers, and customer feedback of rationalization proposal, generous appearance, reasonable design, good balance and sealing, no need for connecting gas circuit and waterways, use more convenient, more durable, higher precision, the reliability of the electric leakage protection control circuit and the function is stronger. After-sales service: a glass tank pressure testing machine glass tank pressure testing machine manufacturers 1. One year warranty, the warranty period if there are any quality problems, material fee shall be borne by the supplier maintenance, upkeep, instrument factory back and forth the freight. 2. Instruments such as transit damage, shall be borne by the supplier instrument materials, maintenance, instrument factory back and forth the freight. 3. To provide technical services for life beyond the guarantee period, if you need maintenance, only charge cost of raw materials; Lifelong free maintenance. 4. Irregular usage of user product on-site visit and technical guidance. 5. Accept the service request to respond within 1 hour after, 2 hours treatment Suggestions and solutions are put forward. 6. Need to the door, maintenance in 2 - 4 working days to arrange on-site maintenance engineers. 7. Return to factory maintenance products processed within 2 business days after receipt of, and notify the user. 8. Provide relevant national operating standards and specifications. 9. If there are any equipment and software upgrades, free upgrade for the user.
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