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Helpful Advice On Landing Remote Location Oil

by:Wingoil     2020-06-23
The best advice once can receive for applying in the Alberta oil industry is seeing the employment opportunity from the employer's perspective then positioning yourself accordingly. Imagine from the employer's perspective, being a remote location employer is much different then a typical employer. They like to see candidates that can survive with minimal contact with the world. What does this mean? Someone they know can work hard for the time they are on camp and not get themselves into a lot of trouble. See the main problem that remote location employers have is their employees looking to have fun. This can include drinking problems, attitude problems, even drug problems. When you live at your work site for 2 weeks in a remote location these bad habits can be very destructive. So yes, applying without explicit oil industry experience is acceptable. What is of the greatest importance is showcasing oneself as a responsible worker that doesn't break under pressure. Having experience in recruiting oil industry workers and working at superior oil sands employment services I've seen how the majority of applicants don't succeed. The number one problem the candidates have is not being able to fill out their applications properly. While the contact information is done right, the candidates have very little or nothing displayed about themselves in the work history sections of their profiles. Having a small explanation of oneself goes along way with Alberta employers. It can show how you're a diligent worker who cares enough to showcase themselves! At the same time, listing the different training you may have or interested in getting once acquiring a position also shows your interest in the industry. When asked 'what is the best way to describe myself?' I answer with 'as direct to the point as possible.' The Alberta oil industry takes applications no differently than any other industry. So knowing the employers concerns, you should show you're a responsible and diligent worker, meanwhile placing a priority to be direct to the point as possible. The best way to describe yourself is with a brief explanation of what industries/schooling you have participated in, for how long, and what responsibilities or skills you used. Having this brief summery in a profile application or if you apply directly, your email introduction can catch the employers attention by saying 'this is what I am, and it's what you want'. Having the mentality that the employer will search through your resume to find out who you are is optimistic at best due to the time restraints and abundance of applicants.
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