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HY - 5080 microcomputer control pipe pressure tester

by:Wingoil     2020-03-18
Has a powerful numerical control display system, can be done within 50000 n in the whole material tensile, compression, bending, stripping, prick test, such as the LCD CNC set the required parameters, curve, displacement, force value can dynamic display on the digital display device, connecting the computer achieve full computer control and print the standard test report; Steel pipe tensile tester is completely change the traditional material testing machine the machine heavy, complicated operation and performance of the shortcomings of single. Appearance using squeeze type sealing plate and advanced treatment of the lacquer that bake, more show the beauty is generous. Steel pipe pressure tester is the main technology: 1, the maximum load 10, 20, 30, 50 kn, 2, force test force resolution for & plusmn; 1/250000, and the full resolution; 3, the effective test width: 500 mm; 4, effective tensile space: 600 or 800 mm; 5, test speed: : 0. 001 ~ 1000 mm/min arbitrarily; 6, the testing precision: < & plusmn; 1% or < 0. 5%; 7, displacement measurement accuracy: the value & plusmn; 0. Less than 5%. 8, deformation measurement accuracy: the value & plusmn; 0. Less than 5%. 9, try lifting gear: fast/slow two kinds of speed control, can point to move; 10, test station safety equipment: electronic limit protection; 11, try to return: manual return to test the initial position can be the highest speed, automatic can automatically return at the end of the test; 12, overload protection: more than 10% when the maximum load, automatic protection; 13, power: 1. 5千瓦; 14, host, size: 1015 * 540 * 1900 mm; 15, host, weight: 700 kg; Good quality good service brand in Shanghai HengYi, more preferential, please inquire. HengYi all staff sincerely provide high quality product quality service for you. The company promises: 1. Before the upgrade, we specially send technicians to design the best processes and scheme 2 for you. After the upgrade, will be free to assign technicians debugging installation 3 for you. The machine one year warranty, product life-long maintenance 4. Perennial supply of equipment and parts, consumption quality to ensure that the instruments can use for a long time the < strong > steel pipe pressure tester, steel pipe pressure instrument manufacturers, steel pipe pressure tester price < / strong >
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