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Hydrostatic Test Systems And Cylinder Dryers

by:Wingoil     2020-09-04

The purpose strain testing was by no means required, or it should not be required, is because testing operates at elevated temperatures. On the topic of strengthening of new materials there are two issues.

When it fissures, it allows introduction of oxidated water to retouch the tubes, and it really promotes extra corrosion fatigue damage. This is an item that is actually ripe for us to check out on the NBIC. A gentleman I'm working with on the petrochemical aspect shared some details about a few of the low-toughness steels they take care of.

He said they do a strain take a look at that is about forty % of working pressure. During a pressure check right now, whether it's at operating or under, or if one does a hydrostatic take a look at, all you can actually claim is that the element can hold water and pressure. But six months, a week, or ten days from now, if the harm mechanisms or situation of the boiler is not understood, you possibly can actually have a leak or a rupture. In regards to the disadvantages of strain testing, publicity to aged equipment with low toughness could end in brittle fracture. And this is really by far the greatest risk on aged equipment.

Our biggest hitters right now in our fleet are easy erosion and fly ash erosion versus ten years ago when ninety percent have been early fatigue. One final merchandise to speak about is stress testing results on boiler water wall tube circuits, and that is one thing that I can speak specifically about because of my background.

I actually have been in the energy era trade for 30 years, so I even have seen a lot of boiler tube failures through the years, particularly corrosion fatigue failures. One of the things we found – and this applies to power boilers –is should you do repairs on water wall tubes and we come again, we do not permit strain to exceed 500 pounds on our power boilers. What we discovered is the magnetite layer (the protecting oxide layer on the water- touched tubes) might fissure.
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