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Is the Oil Spill the Final Straw That Breaks Our

by:Wingoil     2020-05-30
We've all seen all of the photos and heard all the claims from BP oil and our own President Obama, but still the oil continues to spew out at a rate of thousands of barrels a day into the Gulf of worst oil spill and environmental disaster in history. I'm really not going to write about who is to blame or who is at fault. At least not in this post. That would take some time to do. There is definitely enough of that to go round anyhow. What I would like to focus on are the facts. Fact number one. Oil is spilling out into the Gulf at a rate of thousands of barrels a day. Forty two gallons of oil are in a barrel. We actually do not know how much is leaking because we can't get a straight answer from BP or anybody else. All we all know is, that it is a lot. If you have seen any of the photos from the cameras that they have mounted down there, it looks like hundreds of thousands are coming out. Now I am simply saying that's what it looks like to me. I am not sure how they measure that, but as yet no-one can give us a good guess. It changes daily. Fact number two. The fishing industry all along the coast is shut down, and may never start up again. Think about all the fish and sea life that died or influenced in some form. Those people whose livelihood depends on the fishing industry is all but over. They have put a ban on all those fish in those oil infected waters. This just doesn't effect us but anybody in the world that fishes or relies on the seafood for revenue and the individuals that the seafood feeds. Were talking about plenty of folks. This will definitely put a grimp in our food chain. Fact number 3. The tourist industry is being influenced. This is the summertime. People are taking vacations. Journeying to their favorite spots. Where do folk go? They're going down to all those states that now have oil drifting on their beaches. They want to take a swim, fishing, and sun washing. That's likely not going to happen any time soon for all those shore states. Fact number 4. This is going to hit our already strapped economy very hard. More roles being lost. Fishing, tourist, and the oil exploration industries are all going to be taking big hits. There will not be any offshore drilling for a long long time. You almost can guarantee that. Lost in all this is the eleven blokes that were killed in this very sad accident. Tony Hayward, the director of BP Oil, was speaking to a newshound and claimed that he wanted his life back. In reply to hearing that, one of the siblings of the eleven men that were lost on the rig, claimed that he would like to have his brother back. Fact number five. The atmosphere the oil is contaminating. Workers that are involved in the cleanup, and reporters that are covering the story, report the revulsion and horrible smell the oil is emitting. I recollect an oil company that used to be close to our place when I was a kid. We'd walk over through the woods that were round the back of the plant. The oder was very robust, and revolting. I could not even imagine being in a boat sitting in oil infected waters. This is something that British Petroleum can't fix. They are beginning to constrict where reporters can go and what they can see. I suspect this is much worse than they are telling all of are running out of options, and the possibility of this pipeline never being able to be plugged is an exceedingly powerful fact each day that goes by. Just think of the environmental disaster and economic trauma this would have on the whole world. It is scary to even think about. This is beginning to turn into a science fiction film that you would go to see at the theater. Is this oil spill the final straw to our economy? The one that will break our business back? Time will tell. In the mean time, I might suggest heading west for your vacation.
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