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by:Wingoil     2020-08-28

2 depicts an exemplary consumable frac plug, usually designated as 200, as it is being lowered right into a nicely bore one hundred twenty on a work string 118 (not proven). The frac plug 200 includes an elongated tubular physique member 210 with an axial flowbore 205 extending therethrough.

The ball 225, when seated on an upper floor 207 of the flowbore 205, acts to seal off the flowbore 205 and forestall circulate downwardly therethrough, but permits flow upwardly via the flowbore 205. In some embodiments, an optionally available cage, although not included in FIG.

The torch 612 extends from the higher finish 628 of the torch 612 downward and out of the inside of the physique member 608 so that the torch 612 protrudes downward out of the inside of the body member 608. Generally, the torch 612 comprises a gas load 614, a torch body 616, a sleeve 618, and a main load container 620. In the strategy described above, removing of the frac plug 200 was accomplished without floor intervention. However, floor intervention could occur ought to the frac plug 200 fail to disengage and, beneath its own weight, fall away into the properly bore 120 after exposure to the molten plasma produced by the burning torch 257. In that occasion, one other tool, similar to work string 118, may be run downhole to push towards the frac plug 200 until it disengages and falls away into the well bore a hundred and twenty.

Alternatively, a load could also be applied to the frac plug 200 by pumping fluid or by pumping another software into the well bore 120, thereby dislodging the frac plug 200 and/or aiding the structural failure thereof. The consumable downhole device a hundred may take a wide range of totally different forms. In an embodiment, the device a hundred comprises a plug that's used in a well stimulation/fracturing operation, commonly generally known as a “frac plug.” FIG.

2, could also be fashioned on the upper finish of the tubular physique member 210 to retain ball 225. A packer factor meeting 230 extends around the tubular physique member 210.
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