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Landman Software - Changing the Industry

by:Wingoil     2020-07-05
When it comes to land management, especially in the oil and gas industry, it would seem sometimes like the most important part is simply keeping up with the data, records, leases, and other forms of paperwork. The truth of the matter is that as annoying as this aspect of the job can be, it is essential As a matter of fact, many land managers will hire assistants simply so that they can have someone else keep track of this important information. The good news is that the industry is changing from the inside. The tools of the trade have been consistently developing over the decades, but the tools of the land manager who needs to work in the office have been relative stagnant until recently. It's time for you to learn about landman software. When you are looking at the various kinds of landman software, you are going to find that there are two different functions that you should expect from any program that you are seriously considering purchasing. There are always bonus functions and monitoring capabilities that some programs have and others do not, but all should have these two in common. First, the software should record and print out data for leases, instruments, and client information. In other words, you should be able to use the program as you would a virtual file cabinet. Better than a file cabinet, however, this software allows you to consolidate the lease or instrument information onto one sheet for easy analysis. You will also expect map generate from your landman software. This is also an important part of the program. This software is designed to help you generate maps that are literally translated from the descriptions on legal documents. This kind of technology has never been available to land managers before. You will also be able to create specific maps for the purposes of leases and for the land owners. Finally, you will be able to analyze your own progress on land work simply by looking at the topographical map that you have generated on your computer. As you can tell, landman software is changing the name of the game. The top leaders in the industry today are using this software because they need to be able to keep on track of their work and on top of their progress with clients, leases, and other business and legal matters. No land manager in the oil and gas industry should be left without this software.
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