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Liquefied gas tank pressure test stand - The gas pipe water pressure blasting machine

by:Wingoil     2020-03-25
A, product overview tank water pressure tester - destruction Oxygen and crushing strength test bench test pressure 0 ~ 50 mpa, is mainly used for all kinds of tanks ( An oxygen tank, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, propane tanks stainless steel, carbon steel storage tanks, car tank) , cylinder pressure blasting test, leak test. As the output of the zalman booster pump pressure source, adjustable output pressure scope, computer control the whole experimental process, can be real-time display pressure curve, data printing, the function of data acquisition. Has the function of power can automatically saved without human intervention, can carry out the quality tracking. Second, the tank pressure tester - destruction Oxygen and crushing strength test bench features 1. Computer control, the whole testing process can be finished in a computer operation, all parameters can be set up in the computer. 2. With a dedicated data acquisition software, has a friendly user interface, exempt from human error, record the corresponding test pressure, time. Can undertake data real-time display, test after the save, print the complete experiment report 4. All pressure parts adopt high quality brand, no welding connection, convenient unloading, high safety coefficient. 5. With electricity protective function and power outages after pressure relief automatically. Use high pressure pump maintenance and the note 1. Entering the pump system of gas or liquid must be pure filtered clean high purity gases. 2. Booster pump before subject to more than 150 mesh and filter to filter, so as not to cause the import channel obstruction or damage to the pump. 3. System is equipped with a cooling device, if the temperature is too high, can take quick cooling water cooling. 4. Gas enters the booster pump system drives the cylinder must be pure filtered air pressure stability of the gas, the pressure can be adjusted by ordinary pressure regulating valve. 5. During pressure regulation, must first slowly, should pay attention to the observation of high pressure gas booster pump system pressure gauge shows pressure, overpressure. 6. Booster pump maintenance inspections regularly, in use process should always pay attention to the working pressure pneumatic gas booster pump, check if there's any loose for the high pressure connection, so as to avoid abnormal accidents. 7. Booster pump is in operation in the process of usage, yuan accessaries change situation to make a detailed record, in order to facilitate future maintenance and accident analysis. 8. Booster pump for the first time use after six months, the response equipment cleaning. 9. Must be filtered before entering the booster pump, the liquid to be pressurized to remove impurities, so as not to scratch cylinder, piston, piston rod and high pressure seal.
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