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Micon Downhole

by:Wingoil     2020-08-23

Shock attenuating apparatus and methodJune, 1992Navarette et al.D327105Exercise dip standJune, 1992Smith, Jr. In situ reversible crosslinked polymer gel used in hydrocarbon recovery applicationsJanuary, 1992Tackett, Jr. Device for timing interrupt acknowledge cyclesJuly, 1991Dalrymple et al. Center bar inserterFebruary, 1991Smith Placement process for oil subject chemical substances Clark et al.

Method and apparatus for controlling the move of properly bore fluidsFebruary, 1993Hopmann et al. System for testing inner nodes in obtain and transmit FIFO'sOctober, 1992Dalrymple et al. Overbalance perforating and stimulation methodology for wellsJuly, 1992Dees et al. Explosive tubing cutter and methodology of assemblyJuly, 1992Christopher et al.

Method and system for position error signal generation utilizing auto correlationMay, 1994Crossland et al. Industrial woven material and composite sheet comprising sameMarch, 1994Suzuki et al. System for characterizing strain, motion, and temperature of fluidsDecember, 1993Fagan et al. System for characterizing stress, motion, temperature and circulate pattern of fluidsDecember, 1993Fagan et al. Downhole device apparatus with non-metallic components and methods of drilling thereofDecember, 1993Streich et al.

Apparatus for and a way of severing multiple casing strings utilizing explosivesNovember, 1995DeMarsh et al. Aqueous gel fluids and strategies of treating subterranean formationsAugust, 1995Harris et al. Control of particulate flowback in subterranean wellsAugust, 1995Card et al. Anchor system for pipe chopping apparatusJuly, 1995Robertson Paving machine with drop-then-stop dowel bar insertionApril, 1995Swisher, Jr. et al.

Single connector for shunt conduits on properly toolFebruary, 1995Cox et al. Apparatus and method of anchoring and releasing from a packerSeptember, 1994Bohlen et al. Control of particulate flowback in subterranean wellsJuly, 1994Card et al. System for characterizing flow pattern and stress of a fluidJuly, 1994Fagan et al. Paving machine with midline dowel bar insertionJune, 1994Swisher, Jr. et al.

Self-adjusting packing gland for sootblowerDecember, 1993Smith Centralizers for oil well casingsNovember, 1993Gullet et al. System with gadgets related in sequence to obtain information in a predetermined orderJune, 1993Smith Device and technique for programming crucial hardware parametersJune, 1993Dalrymple et al. Blends of polyactic acidJune, 1993Sinclair Device and methodology for programming critical hardware parametersMarch, 1993Dalrymple et al.
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