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Newly installed boiler should be in the working pressure of 1. Overpressure test under 25 times. Normally, after overhaul of bearing parts, such as more

by:Wingoil     2020-04-08
Auxiliary machine test run and calibration of each electric door and damper. The boiler can't long time continuous use. As a result, many enterprises will be equipped with auxiliary boiler equipment. It can be better for boiler host to provide emergency services. Antifreeze, temperature, water shortage, lack of maintenance function, such as facies, fan abnormal system work more safety and stability. Automatic form, 24 hours without a guard. Intelligent temperature control, regulate the temperature to suit the local environment. Set different temperature, different time periods to ensure the heating energy saving and sweet experiences. About home heating area compare with big, choose match good floor type electric boiler, electric heating boiler, or about the single-family villas, and about the small central heating area compare, small household electric heating boiler, wall-mounted electric boiler is very good. The collocation of electric boiler is the sun, the sunlight is sufficient, family small power of electric heating boilers. Can make indoor temperature ascending faster, slower cooling, applied to heating use can reduce the cost of using a large level. Electric boiler pipe in unit time to stop cleaning, ensure clean inside, but also to add filter, finally put on the circulation pump, pump and electric boilers of power to stop the match, if be high-level demand increase again, large electric heating boiler, must not cut the power of the pump, this might reach heat load.
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