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by:Wingoil     2020-03-16
Pressure test is to ensure that the last defense line of the central air conditioning system running stability, do a good will not only cause a great loss to users, will also bring a lot of trouble for future maintenance. So, don't cry because it is trouble and not of deeds or less do pressure test. When installing a fan coil units often encounter such a situation, fan coil units and give a return pipe between the beam or other pipe apart, in this case, fan coil units should be how to return water pipe connection? Because of the fan coil pipe diameter is small, it is easy to cause blockage of fan coil units. Can, of course, in the fan coil mounted at the inlet of the filter, through cleaning filter to solve the problem of congestion, but as the filter of the suspended ceiling type fan coil units, clean is very difficult. So, when installing multiple connection mode is adopted to improve the installation, the installation though, complex, but it's on the reduction of fan coil plugging rate is very effective.
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