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Oil cooling host installed also normal into the system, without a doubt, the noise is 0, good performance in this respect, but we still need to test

by:Wingoil     2020-04-17
'Case' affix a closed environment standby 10 hours since temperature curve is used as the host of the user's own, so we won't be able to test as usual test and a half hours. Using a fan and affix a seal, in no case the internal flow of oil and air are hardly standby after 10 hours hardware is about 46 ℃, the temperature of standby temperature is higher, but belong to we accept the scope of the test. Increase with a fan standby temperature curve in the CPU and graphics under the condition of full load, full load running 10 minutes can reach 70 ℃, we suspend the closed environment test. Increase with a fan with baking machine temperature about 73 ℃ at the top to set aside the hole and install the radiator removed 12 cm fan on top of the tank for auxiliary cooling after we loaded with pressure test again.
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