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Oil Industry Jobs - How To Break Into Offshore

by:Wingoil     2020-07-14
Most folks who have thought about gaining work exploring for oil know that these driller jobs pay very well indeed. Yet because of the accident in the Gulf, a great deal of people have held back in trying to find work in the oil and gas industry, unaware that most petroleum driller jobs are currently unaffected by events in the Gulf, and are in need of workers to fill them. The big thing to keep in mind in order to land a lucrative job in the oil fields is that most jobs are not, in fact, on hold because of the accident in the Gulf; crude oil industry jobs cover a wide range of employment opportunities across the entire oil business. Fortunately, gaining petroleum jobs is getting easier and easier, even for folks who are new to looking for oil, as a lot of areas across the country are now booming again. And if you have worked on the offshore drilling oil rigs before, then your options are even better, and you can look towards moving up the ladder with new, higher paying jobs on the offshore drilling rigs. When looking for jobs on the oil rig platforms, the number one factor in your success is going to be in how you present yourself to the hiring managers of companies actively exploring for oil. You will find this to be true with a offshore or land-based oil drilling platform almost anywhere, if you can highlight your skills on your CV in such a manner as to get the phone call. Folks that haven't worked previously in the oil business soon discover when searching for jobs that a lot of the skills they have picked up over the years in other jobs will transfer readily to oil drilling jobs. If you have worked in construction or any of the building industries or trades, you will easily be able to start with entry level oil and gas industry jobs. The entry level oil drilling jobs generally are less skilled and more focused on the manual labor aspect involved in looking for oil, and for those just starting out, the easiest way to bust into the oil drilling industry. Most likely you will be looking at roustabout and roughneck jobs, of which there are hundreds of openings in areas where the energy development industry is strong. For most entry level employment on the offshore oil rigs, you can look forward to your first promotion in under a year, if you do your job well. For those that stick it out, you will soon discover that even the entry level oil exploration jobs pay very well, with most new hires earning from 50 to 60 thousand a year. Since the vast majority of those that stick with their jobs on the offshore drilling oil platforms do, in fact, get promoted quickly, it is important to have a career plan in mind for the time you spend in the oil industry. Make it a goal to learn all your can about looking for oil. Basically, gaining work that you truly enjoy in the oil drilling industry requires that you demonstrate to your employer that you learn fast, work hard, are not afraid of challenges and can be relied on to do good work. When drilling for oil, these factors are critical for success - not only for the crews actually oil drilling, but for yourself as well.
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