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One ton of man-made plank pressure testing machine, man-made board compression strength testing machine, man-made board testing machine, man-made board bending machine

by:Wingoil     2020-04-05
Product introduction: 1 ton man-made plank pressure testing machine used for all kinds of plywood, particleboard and medium density fiberboard (MDF) mechanics performance indicators of man-made board and veneer man-made board for testing and analysis, it is widely used in deep processing industry of wood and man-made board production enterprise. Technical parameters: the test force 10 kn computer full automatic control mode control accuracy level 1 test force measuring range 2% ~ 100% f. S ( Do not step inside and outside) Test force relative error value or less & plusmn; Displacement of relative error of 1% or less & plusmn; Displacement of the display resolution 0 1%. 01 mm speed adjusting range 0. 05 - 500 mm/min speed relative error & plusmn or less; 1% effective tensile space ( 毫米) Effective compression space (700 mm 毫米) 650 mm width (effective test 毫米) 400 host AC220V power supply & plusmn; 10%,50Hz
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