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Portable bottle pressure testing machine

by:Wingoil     2020-04-25
Instrumentation - categories: glass bottle > glass resistance to internal pressure testing machine size: - In detail: the instrument is introduced: pressure testing machine in the portable bottle is for brewery, glass factory, beverage factory, cosmetics factory, pharmaceutical factory, glass factory and so on all kinds of professional instrument product testing glass resistance to internal pressure. According to the national standard GB/T4546 - instrument The design and manufacture of 1998. Change instrument with a compact, lightweight, portable, does not need power supply, the advantages of convenient operation, small and medium-sized enterprises are widely used. Equipment characteristics: technical parameters: 1. Set pressure range: 0 ~ 2. 5 MPa; 2, pressure gauge resolution: 0. 05 MPa; 3, pressure water temperature: room temperature is + / - 5 degrees; 4, quality: 5 kg. Products: FO value tester, Haffmans turbidimeter, SIGRIST online colorimeter, ZLY - 350 digital display stress instrument, portable measuring pressure in glass bottles of commissioning, portable acidity meter, glass vertical axis deviation meter thick wall thickness tester, glass bottle, glass bottle bottom bottom thick wall thickness detector, the glass bottle shock tester resistance to thermal shock testing machine, glass bottle, glass bottle inside stress gauge pressure testing machine, glass bottle, Germany AVM colorimeter, Germany ebroPU instrument, the carbon dioxide purity tester, block sealing apparatus, tank volume seal saw ( Cutting machine) , tank coating integrity tester, body axial bearing pressure tester, domestic PU instrument, domestic acidity meter, countersunk tester shelf life testing machine, beer, beer turbidity meter, cap height, thickness tester, cap sealing tester, torque tester, coating abrasion tester, pressure gauge, wine cork bottle cap outside diameter size plug force, pulling force tester, wine and co2 meter, portable co2 analyser, Switzerland, Swiss acidity meter ( PH meter) Taiwan, canned handheld vacuum degree measuring instrument, handheld stress meter, digital display they verticality deviation stress meter, plastic meter, beverage co2 meter, automatic crimping stripping machine, plastic bottle blank wall thickness measurement instrument
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