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Quickly Create A High Pressure Connection For Calibration

by:Wingoil     2020-08-09

Astro Pak offers hydrostatic & pneumatic testing of gauges, valves, tubing assemblies, and other components at our California and Florida AS9100 certified cleanrooms. Includes piping, accumulators and valves utilized in fracing, mud injection and cementing gear. Using our high-strain pump (strain booster M ) and water filling pump and tank , one man can fill, pressure test and empty 60 cylinders (50 litre) an hour if the stress is maintained for 30 seconds. Buckhorn has a fleet of digital deadweight to use as a licensed gauge or deadweight for hydrostatic testing.

Pneumatically driven pumps are completely suitable for this application. The discharge stress adjustment accuracy will rely upon the accuracy of air drive strain setting. Ideally, it is attainable to achieve a very easy and stepless discharge pressure adjustment.

The high-volume and high-pressure pumps enable speedy fill and pressure buildup. This compact, air-driven strain check unit is designed to function horizontally or vertically in workshop or subject environments and will stow into a logging truck compartment. These units feature a high-quantity pump for fast filling and a excessive-stress pump for testing up to a most 10,000 psi (690 bar), 15,000 psi (1035 bar), or 22,500 psi (1550 bar).

The Crystal gauge is among the most reliable correct gauges in the business. All gauges are rated to 10,000 PSI and are ± .02% accurate at less than 20% of full scale. Buckhorn has a wide range of simple to make use of single stage cart- mounted Pneumatic/ Hydraulic Hydrostatic Test Pumps. They are ideal for testing of pipelines, spool pieces, and vessels where space and simplicity is at a premium. They inventory 10,000 PSI with 1 GPM and three,600 PSI with 2.four GPM move rate.

This allows nearly infinite strain and circulate control to enter the inlet of the intensifier. Test scenarios requiring this degree of finely tuned control aren't possible with air driven hydraulic pumps. A pump should keep the required valve strain or differential stress and “automatically” compensate leakages without any automation gear.

Buckhorn has skid-mounted, air-cooled diesel operated 15,000 PSI Triplex pumps. This Elmar two-piece stress take a look at unit is designed for mounting either facet of a workshop stress take a look at bay wall and contains options important for safe and environment friendly hydrostatic stress testing as much as 22,500 psi.

The NORSOK stress test skid unit features a high-quantity circuit for fast filling and a excessive-strain circuit for raising to final stress. Unit contains a local graphical interface displaying and recording pressure, flow and system parameters. The Elmar compact, standalone moveable fuel booster unit has been designed for strain testing and charging as much as 5,000 psi using nitrogen gas. Each pumping unit has a large reservoir for injection fluids similar to water and glycol.
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