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Re-order from Russian customers

Re-order from Russian customers


On Aug 19, 2021, Wingoil successfully delivered a set of Hydro Test Pump Unit WY-850W-J0A to Russia.This portable hydro test pump is multi-functional testing equipment using water as the medium, as well as compressed air as driven power; it has the function of real-time record and step-less pressure regulation.

This equipment is available to the hydrostatic test for pressure vessel, piping, valves,cylinder, hose, etc, as well as used in various fields of chemical, construction, plumbing, petroleum, coal, metallurgy, shipbuilding, etc. The maximum pressure can reach up to 700bar under the protection of the safety valve.

This is the third time purchase order from this Russian customer, which is a leading oil & gas service company in Russia. Wingoil products are gaining a strong presence in this marketplace.

portable hydro test pump

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