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Reactive Downhole Tools Company Profile

by:Wingoil     2020-08-08

There was a small amount of pitting corrosion resulting from damage to the nickel-plating layer, which allowed the medium to contact the check material. Uniform corrosion occurred regionally on the nickel-plated layer; however, the degree of corrosion was relatively low, and the corrosion product was washed away as a result of poor adhesion to the surface. Effect of partial strain on corrosion fee at (a) 20°C, (b) 50°C, (c) eighty°C and (d) a hundred and ten°C.

Although there were sure common varieties, there were no apparent crystal progress steps. Cracking dominated on the floor of the corrosion product movie, while erosion and spalling occurred in certain localized areas. Therefore, it may be concluded that the thick compact base layer of the corrosion product movie considerably diminished the permeation of the corrosive liquid and subsequently protected the steel base. The corrosion product film was very thick, however had a relatively weak bond with the bottom. Peeling between the base and the movie occurred at comparatively weak points, and thus, the corrosion product movie had a definite mesh construction, with the crystal development of the corrosion product continuing in a certain direction.

The electron micrographs of the corrosion merchandise from the four materials are proven in determine 3. The floor of the corrosion product movie on J55 was comparatively uniform, indicating that the corrosion product is in the form of particles, and shows signs of fluid erosion. These particles are approximately spherical and differ in size, with apparent pores among the many crystalline spherical particles, which clearly reveals the crystal development steps. The floor of the nitride pattern was lined with a good layer of corrosion product; the corrosion product was compact on the inside layer with a large quantity of loosely packed amorphous granular product on the outer layer.

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There have been a large number of white flocculent compounds across the crystalline corrosion product, and quite a few cracks and holes on the corrosion floor. The surface of the nickel-plated material was even, with minor corrosion of the metallic floor. Thus, it was categorized as uniform corrosion and there was no massive-scale corrosion.

Similarly, the burden percentage and atomic amount of nickel don't change substantially, and no iron is detected, which signifies a thick coating. The weight share of nickel is close to the range of its atom amount, exhibiting that carbon dioxide causes uniform corrosion of the fabric, and that the corrosion rate could be very sluggish. Energy spectra of J55, nitride, N80 and nickel-plated take a look at materials after corrosion. (a–c) Are the three products with completely different corrosion levels, respectively. The chemical compositions of the N80 and J55 steels used on this research are listed in desk 1.
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