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Red brick pressure testing machine is mainly used in concrete, cement products, fly ash brick, hollow brick, refractory materials, engineering materials, stone, rubber

by:Wingoil     2020-03-21
Characteristics of red brick pressure testing machine 1, the pure digital pulse phase-locked loop position control mode, no zero drift, no disorder. 2, high precision ball screw pair drive load load stability, long service life, good stability and energy saving. 3, software, overload protection, ultra displacement protection, mechanical compulsory safety limit protection measures. 4, test software user interface is simple, reliable and powerful man-machine dialogue, open data structure, both in the parameters and process data allows the user to random calls, is very favorable for scientific research and teaching. 6, users from editing report function, data can be convenient to import Excel, WORD forms, convenient user post-processing. 7, equipment features: low noise, no oil pollution, convenient use and reliable. 8, no impact on the test process to realize switch, so as to achieve a specific test requirements. Red brick pressure testing machine technical parameters of maximum force 2000 kn test force of the relative error of plus or minus 1% or less to electric screw adjustment methods clamp size, phi phi 225 mm 300 mm top and bottom clamp the maximum distance 320 mm piston stroke 30 mm piston diameter phi 250 mm hydraulic pump pressure rated 40 mpa motor three-phase power 0. At room temperature 10 ℃ - 35 ℃, relative humidity is not more than 80%; On the solid foundation or work bench, correct installation; In no vibration environment; Around without corrosive medium; Power supply voltage fluctuation range should not be more than plus or minus 10% of rated voltage; Machine power supply should be reliable grounding; Frequency fluctuation should not more than plus or minus 2% of the rated frequency; On the basis of solid installed correctly. Packing: wooden packing and shipping way: logistics transportation warranty period: free 3 years warranty, life-long after-sale! ( Any quality problems within 3 months can be unconditional return)
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