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Rival Downhole Tools

by:Wingoil     2020-08-06

Downhole seal assembly and method for use of sameOctober, 2004Schwendemann et al. Fracturing utilizing gel with ester delayed breakingSeptember, 2004Dawson et al. Circular shaped chargeSeptember, 2004Grattan Control mechanism for a feed and pressure unit in a strapping apparatusAugust, 2004Helland et al.

Completion equipment and methods to be used in wellboresDecember, 2003Mackay Apparatus for making use of versatile straps round bundles of objectsNovember, 2003Helland et al. Controller for ATAPI mode operation and ATAPI pushed common serial bus mode operation and strategies for making the sameOctober, 2003Smith et al.D481226Partition insertOctober, 2003Overthun et al. Method and system for testing a wellSeptember, 2003Sollesnes Well therapy fluidJuly, 2003Vollmer Fracturing course of and compositionJuly, 2003Palmer et al. Radial cutting torch with mixing cavity and methodJuly, 2003Robertson Universal/upgrading pulse oximeterJune, 2003Ali et al.

Method for forming a railway automobile with improved crosstie connectionsMarch, 2004Coulborn et al. Method and system for connecting a wireline telephone to a wireline change in a wireline telecommunications networkMarch, 2004Smith et al. Apparatus and methodology for progressively treating an interval of a wellboreMarch, 2004Dusterhoft et al. System for forming a window and drilling a sidetrack wellboreFebruary, 2004Haugen et al.

Single trip method for selectively fracture packing a number of formations traversed by a wellboreAugust, 2004Dusterhoft et al. Sootblower mechanism offering varying lance rotational speedAugust, 2004Ackerman et al.

Methods and equipment for enhancing efficiency of gravel packing systemsJuly, 2004Nguyen et al. Cigarette and filter with downstream taste additionJuly, 2004Jupe et al. Method of providing an interface to a plurality of peripheral devices utilizing bus adapter chipsMay, 2004Papa et al. Borehole conduit cutting equipment and processMarch, 2004Robertson Wellbore fluidMarch, 2004Sawdon et al.

Multiple channel system for a twisted pair telephone wire native loop systemFebruary, 2004Skeba et al. Methods of cementing in subterranean zones penetrated by well bores using biodegradable dispersantsJanuary, 2004Chatterji et al.D485096Partition insertJanuary, 2004Overthun et al. Method and composition for forming water impermeable barrierDecember, 2003Hessert et al.
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