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Shale Gas Production in the US Will Adversely

by:Wingoil     2020-10-21
This new technique of releasing natural gas from shale will be a giant boom to the natural gas industry. The abundance of gas collected will allow the United States inexpensive fuel for industry, and homeowners. However, natural gas also deals with the supply and demand reality of economics on local, national, and global markets. Not only is United States using these techniques, but they will also be using it around the world to unlock more of this resource, and that's a good thing because it is a cleaner burning fuel, and it should make all the global warming, and environmentalists happy. However, it will not make everyone happy because many nations which supply gas are quite content with a higher price point. With more gas flooding the market, that will bring the price down around the world. There was an interesting piece recently in Energy Daily Online titled; 'US shale gas weakening Russian, Iranian petro-power,' by Staff Writers in Houston TX (SPX), published on Jul 22, 2011. 'Rising U.S. natural gas production from shale formations has already played a critical role in weakening Russia's ability to wield an 'energy weapon' over its European customers, and this trend will accelerate in the coming decades, according to a new Baker Institute study; 'Shale Gas and U.S. National Security' - The study, funded by the DOE projects that Russia's natural gas market share in Western Europe will decline to as little as 13 percent by 2040, down from 27 percent in 2009.' Perhaps you realize that Russia supplies quite a bit of natural gas to former Soviet states in Eastern Europe, and to the European Union. This is a great leverage over other nations so that Russia can serve its political will. If a nation goes against what Russia wants, then Russia can merely turn off their gas supplies, or raise the price. However, now the Russians won't be able to raise the price, and many of these nations will be able to unlock their own natural gas resources using shale gas production. Taking away global political power from Russia, and also rogue nation-states which produce natural gas like Iran completely changes the geopolitics on many levels. Billions of dollars have been spent on gas pipelines, and billions more are slated around the world. With the price coming down producers won't be able to make as much money in the future. Those nations which rely on the selling of gas will be hurt the worst. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.
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