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Spot wholesale 100 kg mold water 100 kg mold to develop water pressure testing machine hand mold shipment 【 Product instructions 】

by:Wingoil     2020-04-04
Preparation 1, connect the inlet pipe, water pipe, high pressure tube, especially the intake hose, high pressure pipe must wait for tight connection with sealing gasket, tighten the pressure relief valve at the same time, do not allow the water from the various joint leakage. 2, loosen the pressure adjusting knob ( The pressure regulating valve, hereinafter the same) In case the machine to start the pressure rise immediately, cause machine damage. 3, the filter is connected to the inlet pipe, and then will filter and return pipe in the same tank or other can be used to clean containers of water are ( Such as bucket) 。 4, keep the water tank ( Barrels a day). Clean, must use clean water. 5, pipes and pressure will be the first container filled with water, out of the air side by side. Second, the operation method of 1, according to a check whether the connection is tight, 1, confirm the pressure adjusting knob is loose at the same time, if already let go, can open the power switch, start turning on the power supply operation. Note: in order to improve the efficiency and protect the machine, in front of the boot pumping, suggest it is better to feed line to join a small amount of water into the pump body. 2, to ensure that the overflow of water through the return pipe flow back into the water tank, if not in the overflow water flows through the return pipe back to the tank, please stop, with inlet pipe pour a little water into the pump body, so as to avoid damage to machine idling. 3, after startup, return pipe have spilled the water out, gradually tighten pressure adjusting knob until the pressure gauge readings for the need of reading ( Or slightly higher than the readings) When to stop. 4, if the pressure gauge reading is still do not meet the need of reading, the outage can be the first pressure adjusting knob loosen, then open the power switch, repeating steps 2 and 3; If the pressure gauge reading is above need reading, simply stop gradually loosen the pressure relief valve, pressure to try to lower the container need values. 5, at this point, the stop watch said pressure value ever lower, if the pressure drop, not measured channels and containers can be proved that the compression performance is good; Instead, measured on a pipe or container is proved for leaks cause pressure drop. 6, after completion of pressure test, unplug the power cord to a, loosen the pressure adjusting knob, then loosen the pressure relief valve, discharge the participants container pressure, remove the high pressure pipe joint with the participants a pipe or container, use clean water to 2 - the phone is switched on 3 minutes, to clean the pump and pipeline internal. 7, with cotton or soft cloth to clean the motor and components, to prevent corrosion. Note 1, this machine adopts open motor, in normal use, motor shell surface temperatures can reach 60 - 70 degrees Celsius, also belong to normal, which may be hot. Leave at least 1-2, host and cistern 1. 5 meters, don't let the water splashed into the motor, in case of leakage or burning motor. 3, the power of the machine can through leakage protection switch electrical outlet, in order to protect the machine and personal safety. 4, this machine use the working liquid, which must be no corrosion to metal and rubber, crystallize, solidify, such as using water, the water quality must be clear, no sediment and other impurities. Technical parameters: pressure: 6. 0 mpa traffic: 180 l/h voltage: 220/110 v power: 250 w tank size: 410 * 280 * 210 mm
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