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The application scope, tubing pressure testing machine:

by:Wingoil     2020-03-30
Tubing pressure testing machine is suitable for all kinds of tubing pressure testing. Applied to various types of tubing pressure measurement and pressure measurement time. Widely used in quality detection unit. Tubing multi-channel test rig 2 control mode, tubing pressure testing machine, up and down by microcomputer and PLC controller can be woven of two level control system, advanced control principle, USES the independent control unit, truly realize the modular control. Can the precision of the precise control pressure, pressure effect is good, the real-time automatic filling pressure. Multiple transfer, each test at the same time for each other. The experimental data and graphics automatically recorded and stored in the computer. Manual control, PLC control and computer control mode can be arbitrary choice. Three characteristics of the equipment, tubing pressure testing machine 1, allocation booster pump pressure test and test. 2, advanced technology, reasonable structure design. 3, multiple tests can be performed. Five, the technical parameters, drive pressure range 1:0. 1 - 0. 69 Mpa; And the output is directly proportional to the pressure and driving pressure. 2, the largest gas consumption: 1 nm3 / min 3, test pressure range: 0 - 60 mpa, according to customer's actual demand, choose corresponding to the pressure. 4, working medium: water, hydraulic oil, the emulsion. 5, can choose according to the customer demand configuration portable recorder. 6, the test time: 0 100 h 7, the precision of time: 8, 1 s control mode: manual control, computer control
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