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The calculation method of hydraulic pressure test

by:Wingoil     2020-03-28
Stress measurement is to use electrical or mechanical method measuring force of the machine parts and its actual stress value. To check the accuracy and reliability, design and calculation formula to analyze the rationality of the mechanical parts structure and the relationship between each other. The BY32 - is described below 10. Four-post type universal hydraulic press stress test of the main mechanical parts. Stress testing method is more, we use the electrical measuring method, using the characteristics of resistance strain gauge, The changing, elongation and compression resistance change accordingly) Through the static and dynamic strain gauge measured strain values. Resistance strain gauge attached with a stress on the tested parts, different pressure in hydraulic pressure, different pressure height, working conditions of different pressure position, determination of the beam, the workbench, the main oil cylinder and support such as strain values of main parts and its stress calculated using hooke's law. Known principal stress direction one-way stick under the condition of strain gauge, stress is: the strain gauge strips ( Figure 7 - 40) As shown in figure 7 - two-way stick strain gauge A stress for 40: unknown should change as shown in figure 7 - principal stress direction 40 b, its principal strain is:
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