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The domestic rubber aggregate cement mortar pressure testing machine brands

by:Wingoil     2020-04-14
Main configuration 1, 200 tons of pressure testing machine at a 2, full digital control system of a set of 3, high precision pressure sensor is a 4, high quality hydraulic oil source a set of 5 cement mortar pressure testing machine, rubber aggregate domestic ac motor is a 6, satisfy the customer need the compressive strength is also a main organism structure profile testing machine, hydraulic control box, such as instrument measuring forces of three parts. 1, the part of the machine body by four columns will block with liang together, in the testing machine on the beam of regulating screw, and a hand wheel nut screw machine no-load height adjustable, screw on the bottom with a tee and clamp. Rubber aggregate cement mortar under the pressure test machine pressure plate and cylinder piston, when specimens in contact with the top board, linking piece tee can be self tuning is balance, keep the specimen with upper and lower platen level. Down with specimen orientation with the scribed line in the class, do test specimen line is to be made on the press table below with dust cover shell, prevent or reduce dust into the cylinder when the piston lift, damage to the cylinder block and oil seal. Between piston and cylinder with sealing device, can prevent oil leaks, but when using the pistons still have traces of oil leaks, at the top of the cylinder block has a ring groove, and a drainage channel discharge, flow back to the big tank. 2, hydraulic control part of this testing machine control box main oil tank, oil pump, oil filter, motor, speed and other components of the valve, oil return valve, oil pump for straight type axial pump with five poles, made the tester at the time of loading, should be manually loading speed control valve into the piston is rising faster restoration control ( The speed and the relief valve for one-piece) , when unloading, can turn the oil return valve, oil cylinder will gradually decline. Rubber aggregate cement mortar pressure testing machine has safety valve will be dispatched to the appropriate location in the factory, in normal use when the user do not adjust the relief valve. Main technical parameters: 1, * * load of 2000 kn 2, accuracy: value for level 3, * * small distinguish value: 0. 1 kn * * distance between 4, bearing plate: 320 mm, upper and lower pressure plate specifications: 250 x 220 mm ( According to your request custom) 6, the diameter of piston, * * * trip: 240 x 40 diameter? 7, motor power: 0. 75 kw 8, the input voltage: 380 v 9, exterior size: 880 * 480 * 1280? 10 cement mortar pressure testing machine, rubber aggregate net weight: about 700 installation of 1 kg of testing machine, testing machine when lifting the hoisting wire through the screw at the top of the lifting bolt. 2, testing machine installed at about 20 cm above the ground of solid foundation, should be 2 only the anchor bolt M12, embedded dimensions based a tutu. 3 cement mortar pressure testing machine, rubber aggregate when installation, with 1/1000 of the box type water level gauge measuring the lower in the level state, such as not available pad to adjust ( Mat iron mat under column nuts below) Then tighten tester at base. 1, room temperature 10 ℃ - environmental and working conditions 35 ℃ range; Relative humidity is not more than 80%; Around 2, no vibration, no corrosive medium and clean environment without strong electromagnetic interference; 3, power supply voltage fluctuation range should be within 10% rated voltage of the soil; 4, on the basis of solid installed correctly. Rubber aggregate cement mortar 1, pressure testing machine after-sales service in the customer under normal conditions of storage and transportation, maintenance, use, due to the quality of your goods cannot be used properly, the promise: '7 days return, 15 days replacement, lifetime warranty 'service, 3 packets of period of one year. 2, after received customer feedback, will phone response within 2 hours, if you need door to door service, 48 - 72 hours rushed to the scene to solve the problem.
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