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The Effective Treatment of Contaminated Water

by:Wingoil     2020-07-17
It is a well known fact that water can contain many contaminants which can put our health at risk. These contaminants can be natural or as a result of pollution either by industries or society as a whole. Whether it is to prevent the spread of disease or to filter out harmful levels of metals, water decontamination and filtration has become a major role in our society. As a result our knowledge about the importance and need for water filtration has grown. There are many different aspects to water pollution, some more well known than others. One area which has been overlooked until recently is the production of 'produced water' in the Offshore Oil and Gas industry. This 'produced water' contains a large amount of contaminants including oil, metals and in some cases radioactive particles. Produced water is a by product of the offshore oil and gas drilling process and occurs when the oil or gas raises to the surface pulling some water with it. This water although filtered before it is allowed to be put back into the sea is still often not of a standard fit for human consumption. With the wide range of potential contaminants there has been an increased demand for industry experts in this area. The relationship which these companies maintain with the A�250 Billion Offshore Oil and Gas industry is invaluable and allows these companies to fund research and development projects into more efficient and low cost methods of contaminated water filtration. This research will not only benefit those in the oil and gas industry but will generally have a positive effect on contaminated water treatment with companies such as SureClean developing systems that will handle contaminated water as a result of drilling to as a result of flooding. These new systems not only decontaminate the water but also filter it to a level suitable for consumption and usage. These new systems are also able to filter out solids from liquids and in the case of produced water from oil drilling also salvage any remaining oil to ensure that there is minimal wastage in the process. There has been huge advances made in this industry with the development of new and more efficient products by large companies such as SureClean who have also be awarded many environmental focused recognitions and awards for the work they have done, services they offer and the products they have developed. This is an industry which will only grow and strengthen as time goes on and our knowledge of environmental factors increases.
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