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The Industry You Love to Hate

by:Wingoil     2020-06-02
It is amazing how many people who know nothing about an industry criticizes and hates it. What do you know about the oil industry? My family has worked in the 'oil patch' since the 1930s. Do this: Park your car and never drive it again. You won't use any more gasoline. Don't use your grill and throw away your propane tank. Throw away your cigarette lighters. They use butane. Don't take a bus or train. They use diesel, so do boats and eighteen wheeler trucks. Don't fly ever again. Planes use jet fuel and avgas. Go find your main circuit breaker for your house. Turn it off because our electricity is generated by natural gas. Go through your house and throw away anything made of plastic and that includes your cell phone, your computer and your television set. Take the roof off of your house. Your shingles are made of petrochemicals. You can't drive a vehicle on our roads. They are made of asphalt. The list is very long. Get the picture yet? Oh, I almost forgot the plastic bottles made to hold water. Many of you think the oil companies don't care about spills, accidents and death. If so, you are sadly ignorant. Oil has been called 'Black Gold'. It still is. The oil companies do not want one drop spilled! There are no conspiracies and no nefarious plots to do anyone harm. I guarantee the companies involved with Deepwater Horizon are just sick over the situation. They love people, birds, wildlife and oceanic life as much as any of us do. I have been on an offshore oil rig. I have seen oil fields with Christmas trees peppering a field like some alien beasts. I have seen a very horrific oil well blowout and fire. I have seen many refineries. I have owned a part of two oil wells in Louisiana. I was paid $25.00 per quarter. The wells went dry and were closed in the 1980s. Oh, you didn't know that wells eventually run dry? Gee, I guess everyone worldwide is just drilling for fun. So, since I am a rich oil baroness, you should bow to me. My father was a Vice President and General Manager of an oil company. My cousin was a CEO and President of a major oil company. My father went to the White House and became an oil industry consultant to President Lyndon Johnson. Another uncle managed a huge refinery. Another cousin was a rig boss in Libya before Quaffidi went nuts. Another cousin was called by the Russians to help them develop their oil fields. Another cousin went to Indonesia to help them learn about the oil industry and to work. He was an engineer, too.
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