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Truck Pressure Tester Adapter Kit

by:Wingoil     2020-07-30

This listing exhibits Tank Truck Test Results obtained and permitted in the past yr. The listing is sorted by Tank Owner and is updated weekly on Monday morning.

Compact common alternative to application-particular adapters required for pressure testing automotive cooling techniques. Uses store air (no guide labor) to generate pressure in a cooling system. If Snap-On tools were as mundane and overly priced as you say they're, they wouldnt have been in business for ninety three years. We have a reasonably good variety of trucks with completely different adaptors.

That's why I hoped there was a package that might do most of them. The BOPX EZ Test Truck System is a compact, efficiently packaged automobile that doesn't require a CDL to operate.

The strain tester can test methods up to 30 pounds of strain. 1/four' thick spacer washer used to adapt the RPT103 stress pump to a radiator that has a 1' deep commonplace fashion filler neck. Uses vehicle hoses as an alternative of radiator or degas bottle cap adapters - cap adapters are NOT required. Replaces greater than 20 particular person cooling system strain take a look at adapters for automobiles, vans, gentle and heavy-duty trucks.

Contact the manufacturer/provider for the recommended check stress. During the hydrostatic take a look at, the hose should be straight, not coiled or in a kinked position. Every hardware you need is included in this kit and packed in a sturdy molded case for a neat and arranged storage. If you need to get accurate stress checks, this strain equipment would possibly just be the help you need whether for personal use or industrial use. Connect the pump to the take a look at cap by way of the fast coupling on the hose end.
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