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Under the Public Eye: What Is Natural Gas Fracking

by:Wingoil     2020-07-18
In the recent years, the oil and gas industry has revamped the method for extracting oil and natural gas and it is known as fracking or hydraulic fracturing. What is natural gas fracking, to be exact? It is a method of driving high pressure water, chemicals and sand into a well created in the process of horizontal digging in order to extract the gas. It is becoming clear that in the real of natural gas, the US is a powerful contender with numerous reserves that can be used. With the move towards better options and more energy resources, what is natural gas fracking and how could it ultimately help in establishing the natural gas industry in the US? The US has a massive potential for natural gas. In fact, the country has reserves that can help the country be secured for around 100 years. Though it will not last forever, the natural gas is considered as a transition fuel. This will help increase the potential life expectancy of conventional fuels by resolving to use natural gas as a source of fuel for various industries and processes. The nature of fracking or hydraulic fracturing varies depending on location and depending on the kind of shale. It is necessary to know that shale is not the same all throughout and therefore, the force of fluids, the grade of sand as well as the cocktails of chemicals will vary depending on the location. Companies normally reserve the right not to disclose this since the combination of chemicals is trade secrets per company. Balancing public integrity and environmental health There is a great conflict of interest for companies venturing in what is natural gas fracking. As much as companies want to safeguard the public especially the health sector by understanding the nature of the technology, they also want to ensure that their trade secret is kept intact within the confines of their company. Regulations From Texas, New York, Pennsylvania to other areas that are primarily concerned with the Fracking technology, regulations and standards as well as moratoriums are being passed and implemented to help affected areas or counties to know the risks that are present with fracturing particularly with fracking chemicals. There are 700 chemicals that could be used for fracking but not all of them are used at one time. A full disclosure of these chemicals is highly suggested in order for the affected areas to be aware of what risks are present if ever there is a leak issue. More so than the leakage, it is necessary to have regulations as well on the drilling and the casing of the wells and if they follow the standards for construction. There is a massive media attention regarding fracking since the Marcellus shale is in a populated area across several states in the Eastern coast of the country including New York and Pennsylvania. By understanding what is natural gas fracking and what constitutes the entire system, the risks can be mitigated or be addressed and be analyzed accordingly using scientific methods.
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