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What Are Downhole Tools?

by:Wingoil     2020-07-27

Specifically, torch body 902 comprises solely two radial arrays of apertures 904. Another distinction between torch body 902 and torch physique 616 is that the apertures 904 are longer along the size of torch physique 902 than the length of apertures 634 alongside the size of torch body 616.

Herein a phenolic resin refers to a category of thermosetting resins obtained by the reaction of phenols with easy aldehydes corresponding to for instance formaldehyde. Such phenolic resins are produced using an alkaline catalyst under response situations having an extra of aldehyde to phenol and are commonly referred to as resoles. Such phenolic resins are produced utilizing an acid catalyst underneath reaction conditions having a substochiometric amount of aldehyde to phenol and are commonly known as novalacs. Examples of phenolic resins suitable to be used on this disclosure embody without limitation MILEX and DUREZ black phenolic which are phenolic resins commercially out there from Mitsui Company and Durez Corporation respectively.

The nozzles 255 positioned alongside the torch body 252 are constructed of carbon and are subsequently able to withstanding the excessive temperatures of the molten plasma substance without melting. Furthermore, software of a slight load, similar to a stress fluctuation or stress pulse, for instance, may trigger a compromised part made from the comsumable materials to crumble or otherwise lose structural integrity. In an embodiment, such masses are applied to the nicely bore and managed in such a manner in order to cause structural failure of the frac plug 200.

At least some of the parts comprising the frac plug 200 may be shaped from consumable materials that burn away and/or lose structural integrity when exposed to heat. Such consumable parts could also be formed of any consumable materials that is suitable for service in a downhole surroundings and that gives sufficient strength to allow correct operation of the frac plug 200. In embodiments, the consumable materials comprise thermally degradable supplies corresponding to magnesium metal, a thermoplastic material, composite materials, a phenolic material or combos thereof. four is an enlarged cross-sectional side view of a nicely bore with a consumable downhole device sealed therein, and with a line decreasing an alternate firing mechanism in the direction of the tool. Also disclosed herein is a method of lowering the structural integrity of a downhole tool comprising fabricating the load-bearing components of the tool from a thermally degradable materials.

The central axis 622 generally lies parallel to the longitudinal size of the consumable downhole tool 600. The primary load container 620 is connected to a lower end of the physique member 608 and extends downward. The main load container 620, on this embodiment, is considerably fashioned as a cylindrical tube nicely fitted to accommodating a major load portion 624 of the gas load 614 in a substantially cylindrical volume.

Well drilling and servicing fluids which deposit an simply removable filter cake US A (en ) Texas United Chemical Company, Llc. Aqueous gel fluids and methods of treating subterranean formations US A (en ) Texas United Chemical Company, Llc. Degradation control of environmentally degradable disposable supplies US A (en ) Biopak Technology, Ltd.

12, one other embodiment of a consumable downhole tool 800 comprising a torch physique 802 is proven. Torch physique 802 is considerably similar to torch body 616 besides that the layout of apertures 804 is significantly completely different. Specifically, the apertures 804 usually are not disposed in radial arrays in the method of apertures 634, but quite, apertures 804 are disposed alongside a helical curve 806 that is coaxial with the central axis 808 of the torch physique 802. Placement of the apertures 804 along the helical curve 806, in this embodiment, is such that adjoining apertures 804 on the helical curve are considerably evenly spaced. In this embodiment, the torch 612 includes a central axis 622, about which every of the gas load 614, the torch physique 616, the sleeve 618, and the principle load container 620 are considerably aligned and positioned coaxial.
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