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Where to Find Oilfield Jobs

by:Wingoil     2020-05-28
If you work in the oil industry or are looking to get started on a career in energy the first step is to locate where oilfield jobs are. Many industries have certain hot spots that are known for being where the action is: if you want to work in movies Los Angeles is the place to be and if finance is your forte than Wall Street is where the action is. For jobs on the oilfield industry there are several areas around the world that are recommended for finding entry level oil jobs and rig manager jobs due to the abundance of oil and the prospects for discovering new oil reserves. The Middle East, parts of Africa, Russia, Canada and South America all have booming oil industries that make each a good place to look for rig hand work. Unlike some industries that have international locations oil rig work isn't one where you necessarily need to know a foreign language or customs. When you work on a land based oil rig all you need to know is the ins and outs of an oil rig while consultants and managers take care of the translation. This is why many oil workers will leave home to take jobs in Nigeria, the Ukraine, Iraq, Alaska and Brazil since the wages are often very competitive and the work is steady. Men and women who work on oil rigs are used to long days and nights on the job and don't need upscale cosmopolitan cities to spend their leisure time. The nature of the work and the remote locations can be difficult but for people who enjoy working as rig drillers, rig managers and toolpushers the amenities aren't the deciding factor in taking a job. Depending on your experience in the oil industry you will want to search for the best places that match your skill level. New exploration sites and rigs are always looking for entry level oil workers including floorhands, leasehands and roustabouts, the dirty work jobs that don't require a lot of oil experience but do need rugged and strong-willed people who are good with tools, can handle heavy lifting and don't mind adverse weather conditions. Though these jobs will test the mettle of any worker it's the best way to get a foot in the oil industry door and once you've proven yourself on the rig promotions usually come from within so don't think you'll be lugging oil pipes forever. Another area that is good for oilfield work is western Canada. Oil in this northern region has been booming for some time and if you find the means to get yourself to a city such as Alberta you will probably find work rather quickly. The oilsands region and the abundance of land based oil rigs and oil patches make Alberta a prime location for entry-level and management positions in the energy sector. Finding oilfield jobs isn't hard you just have to be prepared to go where the oil is flowing.
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