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Why You Need to Know About Air Pressure Testing

by:Wingoil     2020-10-25
Air testing is necessary for a healthy environment Every building needs a certain amount of air to be exchanged. This allows for the removal of harmful pollutants and helps create a healthy living environment. The exchange of air also allows for combustion and the moisture content to be altered, which are necessary requirements for all living areas. There are two types of ventilation In order to effectively test air pressure in a building you will need to be aware of the two different types of ventilation that exist. These are known as controlled ventilation and uncontrolled ventilation. Examples of controlled ventilation could be an extractor fan or a vent on a window. Uncontrolled ventilation on the other hand isn't controlled in any way. Gaps around windows or pipes can be viewed as uncontrolled ventilation. When you are testing the pressure you will need to calculate the amount of air flow into a building through controlled ventilation, so you can ensure that enough air is getting in. It is also useful to measure uncontrolled ventilation, and in some cases the air entering a building through uncontrolled means can cause heat loss and therefore wastes a lot of the energy within a building. In the UK, pressure testing is a legal requirement To ensure that construction companies are abiding by the regulations that are set in place, there are measures in place for assessing the air pressure within a building. The Building Regulations Act 2006 (Part L1a) makes it a legal requirement that all new domestic premises need to pass a compulsory pressure test before being occupied. If you own or are part of a construction company, then make sure that you have these tests carried out. There are regulations in place for engineers and air testers It is often the case you will have to use an external company to test the air. All air pressure testing companies should carry out their tests in accordance to the guidelines set in place. In the UK, you will need to use a company that works to the methods laid out in the ATTMA (Air Tightness Testing and Measuring Association) TS1 Issue 2 to BS EN 13829 method B standards. For your peace of mind, you may want to also use engineers who are fully accredited members of the BINDT (British Institute of Non Destructive Testing). This will ensure that you are using professionals.
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